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Mark this day: The LED is lit.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls tonight, tonight the LED is lit!

Okay, it wasn’t very bright, and it wasn’t even an LED -it was a 12 volt dichroic bulb, but Progress Has Been Made.

Nick got astride the bike, turned the pedals and very dimly, there was light.

This proves that despite earlier excitement, this motor isn’t currently for us.  Not enough Volts and certainly not enough Amps.

A new motor must be sought.  This time a brushed DC motor.

The Start…

This is the Blog for the engineers of the LEAF Sheffield ‘Power To The Plots’ project.

In it, you will see the trials and tribulations of our intrepid band of brothers.  Together they will transform the way the LEAF Plots accumulate, store and use energy for use by the volunteers.

Using readily-available parts they will over the coming months create ready-to-use power the Plots to use for lighting, heating and hopefully warm water.

Watch this space for details!

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