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And now it dims!

This morning, I have successfully got the LED on my little piece of ‘Veroboard’ to light, then slowly dim down to nothing, then brighten up to full power.

Again, as with seemingly everything recently, it doesn’t look like much, but in the great scheme of things, pretty significant.

It means I have successfully negotiated and ‘tamed’ the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) section of this PIC.  Why? Well, it means that when it comes to power regulation coming from the bikes into the batteries, there is ‘something in the way’ to stop the batteries getting upset about such a high voltage and or current when they’re being charged.

Next step will be to design, build and test a circuit that will make the output of the bikes ‘sensible’.

The LED is lit.

But this time ‘from the other side’.

By this I mean that today I successfully hooked up the Velleman PIC progamming board to my PC and got the two chatting quite nicely to each other.

I then managed to successfully write a very simple program for the PIC supplied with the kit to…

…You guessed it.  Light the LED!

Yes, I know I could have simply connected a battery to it and there was no need to connect several hundred pounds worth of hardware to accomplish this, but it’s the principle of the thing!

Now I have the unenviable job of getting the kit to recognise the PIC’s Microchip very kindly sent me and then get an LED to turn on from that.

76.1 Volts.

Today, I put electricians tape round the spindle of the motor to smooth out the roller.

I’d previously fixed the bike so it went into top gear.

Getting on the bike, I took a deep breath and started pedalling.

I had connected my multimeter to the output of the motor and set it to auto-range on DC Volts, so set about pedalling; faster and faster…

The meter peaked at 76.1 Volts!

Not bad from a so-called 24 Volt motor, but completely unuseable for charging batteries.

So, in the coming weeks, I’ll be designing the whizz-bang electronics required to do just that.

All good, clean and mostly harmless fun…

More lights!

Today, Dave came round and we hooked up three 12 Volt dichroics in series, put the bike in fourth gear (…the highest it would go in…), and pedalled fairly hard -similar to going slightly uphill and slightly rushing to get there.

All three lamps fairly shone -easily as bright if not brighter than the previous day.

So Progress Has Been Made.

Now, I have to make it ‘user-friendly’ so I can show it at the AGM in a couple of weeks time

Proper lighting.

This time, the lamp has most certainly been lit!

Today, connecting up the newly arrived MY1016 motor to a single 12 Volt dichroic lamp, Nick got on the bike and in first gear pedalling very gently got the lamp lit so brightly he feared it would blow.

Proper Volts!

The new motor.

Doing research, it seems that the motor to go for is an ‘MY1016′ 24 Volt electric scooter motor.

Looking on eBay, there was one for sale in America, so this has been duly ordered, and should arrive in a week or so.

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