Nick received a text early this morning from Diane asking if he’d like to give her a hand over at the plots this afternoon.  Nick, being bogged down with a particularly boring, difficult and tedious job readily agreed.

The plots on a Tuesday? Bring it on!

So, they arrived back at the plots just before three, and after the obligatory cup of tea began work on some plastic containers for the balcony of Nick’s flat.



First, drainage holes needed to be drilled, then it was decided just what Nick was going to grow.  Being a complete beginner to the art of container growing, it was decided that he should start small and easy with some kitchen herbs, some baby carrots and some spring onions.

Jon very kindly offered Nick a young tomatillo and a young tomato, both grown from seed in his greenhouse, which he gratefully accepted.  These two would have pride of place in two medium sized pots.

Next, Diane suggested he take four quite long containers that would site near the front of the balcony to catch the sun.  In these, Nick will grow salad -probably lettuce, spring onions and baby carrots.

Finally, Diane had ‘rescued’ two quarter-circle type containers from a skip on a nearby street, and as for what to grow in them, well, we’ll see!



The soil used in the containers was ‘home-made’, rather than stuff bought from a garden centre, and was a fifty-fifty mix of sieved top-soil and rotted leaf mould.  Added to this was a handful or two of Perlite, ground up seaweed mix and slow-release guano pellets.

Nick left early, with Diane promising to bring the pots and growing medium round later in her car, and after he’d gone, she and Jon moved some rhubarb into it’s final growing space by the entrance to the therapy plots.  Photos to follow!


More very soon…