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Too hot for work!

Well, I think the title says it all.

Despite all our best intentions, what with the weather improving so dramatically so quickly, virtually all of us felt that this afternoon, it was, well, as the title suggests.

We had intended to plant some more out, but it was far too hot for that.

We had intended to do a load of hoeing to cut down some of the weeds, but it was far too hot for that.

We had intended to prep up more beds, but, well, you get the drift.

Instead, we pretended to do jobs pretty slowly, with plenty of time for chats and cools drinks in between.

Long may it continue.

This is the Life.

Free at last, been at home for so long, now it’s different, now I can go where ever I want. To see things I have not seen before, and I have a mate. I’m not the sort to mess around. She is fine,  she is fit and will go far. I suppose I love her. Not like mixed up humans. Although I do find them interesting, silly beings.

That’s what we do, go far. I see things that you cannot, and I find myself at peace. Drifting on the wind. You know at one time I thought we would have something, but no greed and want spur the humans on. They are not at peace. Shame really. But you do what you do. Perhaps they will destroy us all, what can you do.

I wonder what happened to my Ma an Pa they were nice, didn’t know them really but they fed me and kept me warm. What more can you ask. Humans seem to have things that are not necessary to life. They kill for pleasure and are constantly bickering with each other about those things.

Look at me, so lucky to be me, to glide above it all, not seen land for long periods of time, perhaps I aught to look, nah just do what I do best, that’s the way. Free and easy.

You know at one time we were revered by sailors. Perhaps even today we are by some, but not all of them. Different times eh!

I may return home soon but I am not in any rush. But we have to start thinking of a family of our own. Oh look a ship think I will follow it for a while the wind is good. Hum this could take a few days at least. We’ll on my way, good luck humans and please try not to kill us all.

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Ian Ward 16/6/2010

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