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No danger!

That meeting this afternoon/evening went on a little longer than I’d imagined, but no problem.

As meetings go, it was pretty good, and we hope to have some great news to announce on this website in the coming days.

When I’d got back, after dinner and a shower, it was straight back to work on ‘The Beast’ that is the circuit board I’m still building, and tonight, still flushed with my successes of yesterday evening and this morning, I added the circuitry that will allow the PIC to monitor current going into the batteries.

Current monitoring added.

Current monitoring added.

If you click a couple of times on the photo on the left, you will just make out, amid the tangle of wires, the new bit -just to the right of the metallic heatsink.  No?  I’ll post better ones tomorrow, then.

Anyway, take my word for it when I say its in there.

For this experiment -its the first time I’ve ever used such a chip, I decided to take the PIC out -just in case it all went horribly wrong.

I also used the chip I’d done this morning, being much more confident that I hadn’t accidentally over-cooked it in my soldering efforts.

Anyway, nothing did go wrong, in fact it all went swimmingly well.

I took readings of input voltage, input current -both off the power supply unit (PSU), which I know will only be ‘best guess’ numbers, then took accurate readings of the output of the chip.

When I’d taken 8 readings at different voltage inputs, I checked them through, and they’re all correct!

Proud of myself in my first experience of current monitoring via a dedicated ic, and knowing I’d got nothing to lose, I put in the first chip I’d converted to 0.1″ pitch last night, and…

…That worked perfectly as well!

Now years ago, I would have carried on and started to write the code to put into the program I’m writing for it, but what with experience (…and old age!..), I thought I’d stop there: Quit while I was ahead, as it were.

Tomorrow night, if I’m not too exhausted by a full day on The Plots, I’ll carry on and write that code.

So, Dear Reader, ’til then, I’ll bid you a fond “Goodnight!”.

Current monitor #2

Not content with last night’s efforts, I thought I’d try again today in a slightly different way with the other chip.

Whereas last night I’d mounted the ic on the copper side of the circuit board, after a flash of inspiration, I decided to mount it on the ‘conventional side’ with the copper tracks underneath.

New current monitoring ic mounted.

New current monitoring ic mounted.

If you click on the photo on the right a couple of times to see the full sized version, you’ll see last night’s efforts on the right, and notice the copper track on the top.

Well, on the left you can see today’s efforts, and you will see there’s no copper showing as this is on the underside of the board.

If you look carefully at the bottom two left pins, you’ll think they’re shorting together, but that’s just the parallax of the camera.

While it doesn’t look that much better, this new way of mounting is certainly much easier to accomplish with fewer burned fingers and much less cursing.

Also of note is that I’m virtually positive I haven’t given this a dose of ‘Hot!’, being very quick with the iron.

This afternoon I have a meeting to attend, but hopefully tonight I’ll get one of these soldered in and tested out.

Should be fun!

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