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Power Update.

For those who just can’t wait!

Quite a lot of running about today (…like a new landline installed here at ‘Wardian Central’ and another visit down to The Quacks…), but inbetween times, I’ve had chance to do quite bit on the power control circuit.

The board is sprouting components.

The board is sprouting components.

If you click a couple of times on the photo to the right here, you’ll notice that the board has ‘grown’ some new bits.

I’ve put another 1 Ohm resistor in parallel with the one stood upright.  This is to effectively double the current measurement range.

I’ve also added a 100 Ohm 3 Watt ‘dummy load’ of the white resistor laid down on its side on the right beneath the red and green LED’s on the right hand side.

Today, I’ve been taking meaurements from the new chip I put in -the current monitor- and checking them against the formula given in the datasheets.

It turns out I’ve blown one of these chips, but thats not a problem.  I have one spare and four more on order and they should arrive by the end of the week.

So, now I’ve got the remaining working chip in place with revised and added-to code in the PIC, everything appears to be checking out okay.

The PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) part of the PIC is working pretty well -there’s just a couple of bytes to change, and its switching between PWM ranges as expected.

When you first turn the circuit on with the power supply giving out zero volts, and as you’d expect, nothing comes out of the circuit and the tell-tales are not lit.

As you turn up the voltage, you reach a point where the green one lights and the PWM kicks into action.  As you increase the voltage, the green tell-tale goes out and the red turns on, and at the moment, the PWM waveform reduces, but this is simply a ‘stupid’ in the coding that I haven’t yet been bothered to put right.  No worries!

Anyway, Dear Reader, I’ll leave it there and carry on.

p.s. And the new ‘Toys’ are brilliant!

This Saturday’s Pickling

Hello Guys & Dolls,

             Pickling got cancelled last Saturday, but will be on the 18th Sept (Saturday) all things being well, the weather that is. We have had a contribution of beetroot from John. We have plenty to pickle it will be after lunch around 2pm onwards.

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