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Quick and easy stir-fry.

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One medium sized courgette, sliced.

Handful of runner beans roughly sliced.

A few button mushrooms, halved.

Three thinly sliced rashers of un-smoked bacon.


  1. Pre-heat a little olive oil in a frying pan or wok to a fairly high temperature on an open fire / cooker.
  2. Throw in the ingredients except the bacon, adding a little lemon and dill flavoured olive oil if desired.
  3. When the courgettes start to get a little colour, add the bacon, stirring continuously.
  4. When the bacon is done to your liking, the dish is ready!
  5. Serve immediately.

The whole meal should take no longer than 10 minutes to prepare and cook, and there’s very little washing up afterwards.

Nick 15/09/10

Just think of a swan.

You’re no doubt thinking we’ve lost it.

Far from it!  No, just think of a swan on a lake, gliding serenely over the still, calm water at dawn on a summer’s day.  You think its so graceful, so elegant, so effortless.  …Well underneath, its legs are paddling like mad!

Same thing here at LEAF.

Yes, there are some days when loads gets done and loads gets reported, and yet others where we go all deathly quiet.

Like the swan, we don’t appear to be doing much -on the surface at least- but underneath, ah, underneath everyone is feverishly paddling and flapping away.

Well, Dear Reader, today has been such a day.  Nothing much apparently getting done, but ‘under the surface’, so to speak, loads of stuff that doesn’t really warrant many column-inches.

Today, a major part arrived for a job for The Chairman, so that was fitted (…it worked!..), then some of the new current monitoring i.c.’s arrived.  Whereas the previous ones only monitored current going one way -into the batteries- these will monitor it going in and coming out at the same time.  This means we will know how much faster we’ll have to pedal when someone switches on a light some other electrical gadget.  They have basically the same pin-outs as the other ones, so only minor modifications needed to the growing, the bulging circuit board being constructed here in ‘Wardian Towers’.

Tomorrow morning before The Plots, I have to go down to Maplin’s to pick up some parts I ordered last week.  These will enable the circuit to monitor much higher currents -the sort of currents produced by a cyclist.

We have an ‘early start’ tomorrow -our first volunteers start arriving just after 10.00.  Then in the afternoon I have to go to a friend’s house to properly sort out the CD/DVD reader and install some applications on his machine.

After that, I’ll be back here and busy with the circuit, and I promise some photos to show the progress made.  The mounting of the 10 shunt resistors that the current is measured with should be worth a giggle, at least.

Haven’t the foggiest what I’m on about?  Ha!  Just you wait and see.

‘Seven Of Nine*‘ would love it.

* ‘Seven Of Nine’ -a character from ‘Star Trek’ ‘Voyager’, but then you already knew that…

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