Thursday was a good day except for the point were we had to dispose of our outside Tomatoes, which had been struck by Blight. Yes we lost them all. On a brighter note a good haul of potatoes from the therapy plot with reds (Desire, don’t think thats correct spelling) and white’s don’t know name but some of the biggest of the harvest.

Our resident Computer (engineer, consultant, etc) has given me a very large memory. To which I’m eternally grateful, so expect more little stories to be bunged up on the metal shed.

Another first was that my eldest daughter visited the plots on Thursday on her quest to gain experience of voluntary organisations. Which see found very interesting, she is at the moment working (volutary) for Health Cross but is hoping to start work with the NHS by the end of the year.

Nick and myself completed drafting plans of the plots and hope to come up with a final rotation for next year hopefully before the end of the year. We are being radical especially with the top plot, mainly getting the strawberries back under control, after all it is our show case, being the entrance to the allotments an all !!