Which is where my multimeter ‘bottoms out’.

If it has to read any more, it starts a mournful bleeping (…bleating?..), and the dislay starts flashing.  Yesterday it started doing this, and at first I didn’t quite know what to do.  Then it hit me!  Of course, I can simply read the voltage coming off the current-sensing amplifier!  Okay, a little maths will be required to work out what voltages correspond to what currents, but that’s no great shakes.

So yesterday, I modified the circuit to add the smoothing elements and the current sensing resistor is now after all these, and while it was much smoother to ride and the current didn’t ‘bounce’ quite as much on the meter read-out, there is still much work to do.

The new circuit.

The new circuit.

If you click a couple of times on the image to the left, you will see its subtly different to previous photos.

There is an added choke between the two FETs, the final diode has been moved, and there are two electrolytic capacitors stood up just to the left of the meter.

Oh, the programming board has disappeared as well!

I figured that since programming and trialing this board are now to separate operations, its no great shakes to do the programming sat here at my bench, then when the PIC is programmed, simply pop it into this board positioned by the bike.

Anyway, I’m expecting some parts for another job to arrive today, and when they do, I’ll have to work on them.  BUT, as soon as they’re out of the way, I’ll carry on with this.

All fun stuff!