Which may dampen the spirits of those outside having to work in it, but here at ‘Wardian Towers’, work on the bikes continues apace.

Yesterday Dave came over to see the work so far and was pretty impressed, all told.

We spent a good few hours in the afternoon and early evening working, and in doing so I showed him all I’d done.

We ‘smartened up’ my code (…He is a programmer, whereas I’m just a ‘hacker’ when it comes to coding…), and he saw how an increase in PWM width increases the loading on the bike, and saw with his own eyes the circuit charging the battery.

We also saw the effect on the battery voltage that a ‘charging session’ has on the battery’s terminal voltage.  We saw how it rises above its ‘normal’ 13.8 volts during the charging cycle, and how that then falls back to 13.8 after charging has stopped.  Dave made some mention that we will be able to ‘guesstimate’ the State Of Charge (SOC) of a battery with just how fast it falls after charging.  The faster it falls, the less charge the battery has stored in it.

This really does fall into the ‘Hyper Maths’ bracket, and is something to work on after a lot of the other fun stuff is already done.

Anyway, in the middle of our adventures yesterday, of course we blew up a MAX4080 current monitoring chip and a PIC16F684, so my first job today will be to replace them then carry on from where we left off.

A happy day spent at my bench with a hot soldering iron.

Not out in the wet and miserable rain!