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Work continues apace.

This last couple of days, things have been pretty quiet on the ‘Power Front’ due to me attending the excellent ‘Beekeeping for Beginners’ course run by ‘Groundwork Sheffield’ (…see ‘Blog Entries’ for details…), but today I’m picking up the reins and carrying on from where I left off.

So, where do we stand at this moment?

As it stands, I’ve got two bikes modified in that they have the ‘slick’ back tires to reduce noise when pedaling.  I’ve also got two ‘A’ frames with motors (…generators…) attached which convert the pedaling into electricity.

I’ve also got one circuitboard that monitors the voltage/current being supplied and then ‘conditions’ this into a form suitable for the battery.

So, right now (…will, when I’ve done this, actually…) I can get on a bike and pedal and put charge back into the now-discharged battery.


However, for two weeks tomorrow and our ‘Halloween Bash’, I have to build up another power converter board then build boxes to house the pair of them safely so I can take them down to The Plots ready for the ‘Grand Showing’ of our new system.

At some point, probably this weekend, I’ll be going down to Wickes or B&Q with Diane to purchase the actual lighting required.  Then I’ll have to wire it all up with the correct connectors so that on the night, it’ll be a simple matter of unloading it all from the car and then plugging everything in.


Oh, if only it were…

Buzzing. 15/10/10

Yesterday and Wednesday, myself, Matt and Diane went to a course called ‘An Introduction to Beekeeping’ run by Groundwork Sheffield as part of the ‘Bee Buddies’ program they are sponsoring. This was an effort to ‘get us up to speed’ with the new bees we now have on site down at LEAF.

And what fun it was!

I would never have guessed that there’s just so much to beekeeping!  You would think its just a matter of whacking a few hives in and leaving them to it.  Not so!

As previously mentioned, Jez will be visiting every week to tend to ‘our’ bees, and after the last two days of intensive training, I can fully see why!

In ‘The Olden Days’, before the spread of diseases, then yes, you could have just left them to it, but these days, what with the spreading of the varroa mite, and other equally nasty diseases, and in summer the threat of swarming, hives have to be checked on a very regular basis.

As part of our ‘allocation’ of six hives, five of them are ‘Nuc’ boxes (…which is actually pronounced ‘nuke’…), with the other being a fully functioning hive.

I won’t go into any detail whatsoever here for fear of either saying the wrong thing and showing my almost complete ingnorance, but if you’re interested (…and you should be!..), then I suggest you read up on bees.  All I will say is that they are (…to me at least…) totally fascinating and absorbing.

Other news was that last night was the monthly ‘management meeting’, and this went pretty well, though it was rather long.  Hopefully next time, it’ll be a lot shorter.

So, today will be a day of coding and ‘electrickery’ as I continue work on the Pedal Power Project.

More in the ‘Power’ Blog.

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