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A fairly quiet day. 26/02/11

Earlier in the week, the forecast for today had been initially ‘awful‘, then ‘not quite awful‘, then ‘hmmm… Still pretty bad‘, then this morning, it appeared that we would have some light rain before lunch, then it would brighten up later in the afternoon.

Once again, they were eventually right.

I arrived a little late to find Diane and New David about to start work just after 10.00.

Diane is trying out a ‘New Regime’ at the moment. continue reading…

The AGM!

Oh no!  Its nearly that time of year again…

Starting for 5.30pm in the Southey Library as usual, there’ll be a cold buffet where we can meet and greet, then the AGM ‘proper’ starts for 6.15pm.

We hope to get everything boring out of the way by 7.00pm then we can welcome on stage:

‘Madame Zucchini’ and her truly amazing vegetable show.

Guaranteed fun for all the family!

Then at 7.45pm, we’ll have an ‘abridged version’ the Nearly World Famous LEAF Raffle, with things rounding off for about 8.00pm.

In the next couple of days, there’ll be A4 and A5 posters for you to download and print and hopefully put up somewhere visible.

See you then!

A little helping hand. 17/02/11

Arriving a little late at The Plots yesterday, I was met by Ian (no relation), Katie, Derek, New David, Gary, Jon and of course, Diane.

After a brief ‘Hello!’, I again started work on ‘my’ bed at the side of the greenhouse -continuing to remove as much of the bindweed and twitch grass roots as much as possible. continue reading…

Rhubarb, rhubarb! 15/02/11

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Last Saturday, amid all the excitement of repairing the greenhouse roof, burning stuff and a little more digging (…the ground really was just too wet to give it a proper go…), Diane pulled me aside to show me these:- continue reading…

…but no time for sitting in the sunshine.  Way too much to do!

Last weekend, we had some very stormy, windy conditions, and unfortunately, our new greenhouse bore the brunt.

Here’s the result:- continue reading…

A little helper. 2/2/11

I forgot to mention this, but last Saturday afternoon as I was busy clearing up all those oak leaves above the plastic greenhouses, I noticed rather loud birdsong.

And the culprit?

A little helper.

A little helper.

This little chap (…or lady!..)

He or she had come with their mate to ‘help out’.

Of course, what this really meant was that as I was clearing up the fallen leaves, they were helping themselves to any grubs or worms I uncovered.

And they were quite welcome to them -we could spare a few at this time of year, especially after all the recent cold weather we’ve been having.

Luckily, Mitzi wasn’t about, so they were quite safe!

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