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Beautiful sunshine. 31/03/11

Today it certainly was!  Maybe a little on the windy side out up by the road, but down on our Plots, almost wall-to-wall sun and much calmer.

We all arrived much at the same time, so once the kettle was on (…obviously!..), we decided on today’s jobs. continue reading…

More ‘pottering’. 30/03/11

I mentioned yesterday that we spent the afternoon pottering.  Well, we did more of the same today, but on the whole, much more ‘creative pottering’.

Yesterday, Diane, Ian and I had been ‘chatting with the bees’, and we all agreed that it would be nice to be able to sit with a cup of tea (..obviously!..), and maybe just ‘hang out’, and be able to watch them awhile; just to watch their activities and behaviours.  Very calming.  Very Zen. continue reading…

So much to do… 29/03/11

…and so little time.

But then, there are days down The Plots when you know you’ve got a list of jobs as long as your arm, but somehow, you really can’t get round to them. Polite version here…

This was Ian and myself today.  We knew we had that roof in the greenhouse to sort out, but the openers had worked as the morning’s heat had built up, and well…  You know how it is sometimes. continue reading…

All in a blur. 28/03/11

Okay, I didn’t Blog the day after my last entry, or the day after that, but what with there being so much to do, and everything…

Yes, there you go.  An excuse! continue reading…

This year, stripes are in. 25/03/11

Well to be honest, I know less about fashion than I do about gardening, but there we go.

The stripes I’m on about are the stripes on me.

Tonight in the shower, I looked over at my left arm, and sure enough, quite a stripe where my watch normally rests.  Suntan / burn.

Aaaah!  We’re getting to that time of year again! continue reading…

First burn of the year. 24/03/11

Ah.  I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking we had a fire today, and surely it wasn’t the first one of the year?

No.  We didn’t have a fire.  What is currently on fire however is the back of my neck…

And mighty painful it is too, thankyou-oh-so-very-very-much. continue reading…

Bring on the sunshine! 19/03/11

Today, the weather has been almost ‘summer-like’. Great, long spells of almost unbroken sunshine with hardly a cloud in the sky.

Okay, maybe the temperature wasn’t as high as we’d have liked, but once I got working, my coat came off and my sleeves were rolled up, it certainly felt like summer.  Maybe it was the perfect temperature?  Not too hot that all you want to do is sit around wearing sunglasses soaking up the rays, your only concern being your tan lines..! continue reading…

Guerrilla Gardening. 17/03/11

…Or should that be spelled ‘Gorilla’?


Over recent months, we’ve been idly chatting over tea about the possibility of doing some ‘Guerrilla Gardening’.  For those who don’t know what this is all about, I strongly suggest you take a look at this site, and you’ll get the idea.

Anarchic, naughty, rule-bending, but fun! continue reading…

…to the weather and our moods!

Yesterday, I must confess we were all a little grumpy.

With the weather being so depressing, nearly everbody decided that it was far too cold, dark and miserable to come out to The Plots, so they stayed away in droves.

Still, a ‘hardcore’ team of Diane, New David, Sara and myself made the best of it.  While I carried on clearing the weeds and roots from ‘my patch’ down by the greenhouse, the others went up to the top compost bins to investigate. continue reading…

The AGM Poster!

Our resident artist, Emma has very kindly produced this poster for us:-

If you click on the image twice, you’ll get the full sized version, then simply print it off -in colour or black and white, and put it somewhere visible!

We hope to see you then -and if you’d drop us a line to let us know, it would make it much easier for catering and seating etc.


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