Well, not really a slow death as such, but this is the beginning of the end for it.The New LEAF Loo.

And it can’t come too soon!

To the right here you can see the new urinals so skilfully designed and built by the Sheffield University Students out of…

…old wooden pallets!

Even the roof is made from recycled rubber from a company who make gaskets -its covered in the centres from them that would otherwise have gone to land-fill.

To fix the pallets together, rather than just use nails or screws (…which we would probably have done!..), they’ve used long lengths of M10 rods with associated washers and nuts.  They’ve also used coach bolts and buts.  This means that the pallets don’t have to be cut in any way.  It also means that should a panel or two rot -particularly the ones towards the bottom, we can simply unbolt a section and replace it.  Because pallets are all the same size, it means there’s no cutting of any kind involved.  Neat-oh, eh?

Since this photo was taken a couple of weeks ago, the students have been back to strengthen those struts that support the roof, and they’ve also raised the structure on bricks slightly with a neoprene covering on top to prevent water rising into the bottoms of the pallets.

Inside there is plenty of room to move about with a huge space for wheelchairs and our disabled volunteers are thrilled that they can finally move around without banging into the walls and doors!

Now, I would have taken some photos of the inside, but I didn’t because:-

i) It was being used all the time, so I couldn’t get in!

ii) There has to be an air of mystery.

If you want to see the insides -with pot-plants, pictures, smelly things (…why do girls insist on this?..) and a couple of areas of blackboard and chalk so you can write your own comments, then you’ll have to pop down to spend a penny!

Very soon, we hope to replace the ladies area inside with a ‘proper’ sit-down affair for those who wish to go for a ‘Number Two’.  This will involve some expense though, as we’re committed to use ‘NatSol’, the UK’s premier loo maker for those conveniences that aren’t connected to the sewage system.

This may run to a few thousand, but we’ll raise the money somehow.

So the horrible, blue, small and cramped expensive portaloo is on it’s way out.

Thank goodness!