The sudden realisation last night that I’d messed up Big Style with the addressing for the seven segment displays was right.

This morning, I’ve just connected four of the seven segments with one of the digit address lines, and it worked perfectly.

I just have to connect the other three segments up along with the other three digit address lines, and by early afternoon, I hope to have all seven segments of all four digits individually addressable.

Then it’ll be Big Fun as I work on the interrupts to get it to display different digits saying different things all at the same time.


My powers of explanation are not good today, but it’ll become clear as the day goes on.

10:44 Update.

I’d made another error!  The ‘cross-piece’ of both the left hand most digits failed to light. (The middle of an ‘8’)

Turned out I’d wired some of the ‘underfloor heating’ incorrectly.

So now, it all works!

Soldering Iron: OFF

Coding Head: ON

This is where it gets really fun.