Okay, the weather’s not as good as we’d like, but at least its not raining.  Yet.

But never fear!

Today I plan to show Sara how to light -and keep lit- the pizza oven.  She’s dead keen on learning to cook with it, so I’m obviously only too happy to show her how.

AND, as a ‘Party-Bonus’, she’s bringing a load of pizza dough.

Diane will have been to get mozzarella cheese and stuff for other delicious toppings, so late this afternoon -just as its going dark- we’re going to fire up the oven and EAT!

BUT, before all the fun, I can really feel some hard digging coming on.  There’s loads to be dug over, and it’ll be a great way to keep warm and work up an appetite.  It’ll also be an excellent antidote to all the work I’ve been putting in on the bike circuits this week.  Clear my head somewhat.

So, on with the boots and off we go.

A great day’s ‘Plotting’ ahead, I feel!