I know I’ve been a little quiet of late, you’ll have to excuse me, but this is just to tell of whats been happening, and whats hopefully going to happen tomorrow.

Yes, I know, Friday isn’t normally a ‘Plot Day’ -for LEAF that is- but tomorrow myself and Ian (no relation) will hopefully be down on my plot from about 10.00am.

Ian will hopefully carry on with his excellent digging (…he’s much better than me at it!..), meanwhile, I’ll be doing more work on the greenhouse door -making it a little more secure.

If I have time, I’ll re-hang the door to the shed -the bottom hinge has come away, and I fear it may need some more wood in the door frame to mount the hinge on.linux on my new server in the kitchen.

Other good news is that I’ve got my camera fixed!

To the right here is the first shot I took with it on it’s return.  Yes, I know the shot isn’t Plot related!

Instead its the new Linux machine in my kitchen as I work on it to, soon to become a DHCP server, firewall and file store.

Gobbledygook?  Yep.  Me too.

Anyway, you can be sure there’ll be loads of photos taken tomorrow, and as soon as I’ve had a shower on my return, I’ll blog them with a few words in between.