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More digging and planting.

As today was a ‘LEAF Day’, I only achieved a couple of hours down on my plot, but I made them count.

In the morning, there was a ‘seed swap’ up at the trading hut, and even though I was late, I still managed to pick up quite a few different types of seeds for Not A Big Lot Of Money (…i.e. ‘Completely Free’…).Seeds planted!

I got quite a few packets of flowers -mainly because they’re meant to be ‘Bee Friendly’, and with LEAF’s new hives arriving in just a few weeks time (…Eeek!..), I want to make my plot as attractive as possible for them.  Yes, now I’ve been on Jez’s excellent bee training courses, my complete phobia about bees has thankfully vanished like the morning mist, and I find myself loving the gentle drone of ‘the girls’ out and about their business.

I also got a packet of fairly hot chili seeds, some of Matt’s runner beans, some lettuce seeds and some of Jon’s tomatillo seeds.

If I get chance, I’ll pop down one night this week after work and get these tomatillos planted.  As my main greenhouse is a) HUGE and b) south facing, I’m hoping for a bumper crop this year.

Safely under glass.To the left here, if you look carefully, you can see two seeds trays at the back with just the one under glass at the front.  Last week, I’d planted some ‘Money Maker’ tomatoes as my first ‘proper’ planting in my greenhouse, then today I whacked in a few lettuce and a tray of chilies.

Also today, I did a little more digging, this time in the bed just in front of the greenhouse.  I’ve no pictures of it, but you’ll have to take my word for it that there was loads of couch grass where I was digging.  It didn’t help that there were roots from the tree that’s in the corner of this bed, so dodging those while digging out the root systems from the grass was, er, challenging.

When I’d cleared enough of an area, I planted some iris bulbs that should be up within a few weeks.  Beautiful colours, and hopefully the bees will love these too.

All too soon, I had to go back up to LEAF as I was on fire duty today.  Roast spuds, soup, Plot Tea and loads of good chats from friends old and new.

More soon!


Volunteers everywhere! 03/03/12

Today was mad, but great fun!

Like most Saturdays, it started off kind of quietly (…well, apart from last Saturday…), but more and more people just kept arriving and starting work!

This morning, the allotment society hosted a seed swap, and many fellow plot-holders arrived to swap seeds, drink gallons of tea and of course, gossip.  Now I’m a Plot Holder, I’m quickly realising that apart from growing stuff on their plots, tenants love a good gossip.Sawing on the sawhorse.

Thankfully, most of it was good gossip!

Meanwhile, Diane had set me to sawing wood, and this was easily achieved with the new sawhorse that Derek had so skillfully made a few weeks ago.  Not having to bend right over to saw and hold the piece of wood still with a boot certainly made the job a whole lot easier than it used to be!

I’d filled quite a few wooden crates with pieces of wood the correct length for the wooden fruit crates we use, and it will mean that next time I fire up the pizza oven, I won’t have to saw up wood as I go.  Who knows, if the weather continues to improve as it has done recently, we may be firing it up pretty soon.  Maybe we’ll have the two extra layers of clay on the oven by then?

After a while, Kyle came up to relieve me from looking out for volunteers arriving, and I went down to the trading hut and looked what was on offer.

Answer: Quite a lot!  See today’s blog entry under ‘Area 34′ -my plot- for details of what I got and what I did with some of them.

After a hasty lunch, I went down to my plot, but about 3.30pm, I came back up and lit the fire.

Today was a roast spud day!

I only did four tins of spuds today, and there was just enough to go round.  Many more hungry volunteers than normal!

With the potatoes, Diane had brought in some ‘Covent Garden’ ‘posh’ soup, and to be honest, for the extra money it would have cost (Diane picked it up cheap!), we didn’t think it was worth the extra.  Maybe we’ve all been spoiled by the taste of proper vegetables as they should be from our Plots?!

Anyway, all too soon the day was over, and I dragged myself back home, happy in the knowledge that I could almost hear a hot shower calling me, and I swear my boots ‘hissed’ as I finally unlaced them and let my tired feet out!

More soon!

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