I arrived a little late this morning, just in time in fact for a very quick cuppa before I headed down to my Plot.  Yes, I know Thursday is meant to be a LEAF day, but Diane had quite a few volunteers already today, so I figured I wouldn’t be missed.Nearly straight apple.  Or pear...

As soon as I got down to my Plot, I set straight to work.  First on the agenda was straightening up the tree.  As some point in it’s short life, this tree has taken some major force -so much so that it was growing at quite an angle.  Well, not for much longer!

I very carefully tied one end of a suitable length of blue rope around the trunk.  If you’re sharp-eyed, you’ll see the polythene sack that I’ve folded up to stop the rope chafing the delicate bark.  Then, I whacked a stake I’d found up on The LEAF Plots into the ground nearby in the direction of where I needed to pull the tree.  I then gave a gentle pull on the rope, and tied it around the stake, then went back to the tree and wound the rest of the rope carefully around it.

The result you can see here on the right.  Yes, I know it’s not fully straight, but tomorrow I’ll get it absolutely vertical using a plumb line.

Buoyed by my success, I then went on to plant a fair number of red onions that Diane had spare.  She’d got them for someone else, but they hadn’t been to collect them.Red onions planted.

To the left here, you can see them after planting.  Not much to see at the moment, but give these little beauties a few weeks, and they’ll be showing nicely.

Also, you can see the blue board I was using to walk on.  Ian (no relation) has ‘skimmed’ that whole area to get all the grass and surface weed off the top.  Tomorrow, I plan to dig this area properly then plant loads and loads of garlic in part of this bed.  I’m a firm believer that you can never have too much garlic.  Okay, you don’t have many close friends, but its good for your blood.  Its also great as a totally organic flea treatment for cats!  I give my cat Alfie a treatment of ground-up garlic on the base of his tail every month or so.  He regularly cleans himself, licking off the garlic which then gets into his bloodstream.  Fleas hate garlic!

Okay, Alfie hasn’t got many mates either -apart from Big Orange (…who incidentally is crawling with them!..)- but he’s pretty cool about it.

After I’d planted all my red onions, I carried on with the digging.More digging.

To the right here, you can see the area that I dug today.  Still with the blue lines around it is the area I dug the other day, so I carried on digging to the side of that area, then kind of got carried away with the ‘spot-weeding’ of yet more dock plants.Dock roots.

To the left here is one of the smaller roots I pulled out last Saturday.  Today’s roots were about the same size, but there were some massive great, long ones.  A plot-holder up the lane has told me of the ultimate dock-killer.  Apparently, you buy a bottle of household bleach.  Then you find your dock plants, chop them off at soil level then pour a drop (no more!) of bleach onto the exposed root-top.  Leave it a few days, then simply dig it out.  I haven’t tried this yet, but I’ll see what Diane says about the use of bleach.  Maybe using such a tiny amount will be okay?

Anyway, once again, the weather looks reasonable for tomorrow, and I’ll be right over to my plot after a little business in town.

More digging.

More weeding.

…More planting!