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Sunshine, anyone? Bring it on!

Today felt like early summer.  Clear blue skies, insects gently buzzing, birds in full-song; the occasional distant, muted growling of a petrol mower, the (thankfully!) distant sounds of children happily playing.A visitor to our plot.

The kind of day you could just sit back, put your cap over your eyes and gently dose in the warm afternoon sunshine.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t on the cards for Ian and myself!

I sauntered down for just after ten this morning, but Ian had been there since just after eight.  And what a difference he’d made!Ian's work, ready for planting.

This is the bed that he’d dug over yesterday, and you can see how he’s gently raked it ready for planting later in the afternoon.

He’d also made a great start on the hedge on the opposite side, but unfortunately, I haven’t got a shot of this!

I started on the bed I’d been digging over yesterday -removing all the bindweed and dock plants while Ian ‘furtled’ the area I had roughly dug over the other day.More digging!  You can see it over to the top of this photo behind the blue nylon rope.

We made good progress this morning, and gratefully stopped for lunch just after 1.00pm.  I’d made a ‘mess’ of pasta, tuna, sweetcorn, olives, petit pois and mayonnaise so we shared this with Diane who’d come down to the LEAF plots to carry on up there.

Matt and Jon had made an appearance (…I’m sure they can smell the LEAF kettle!), so while we ate lunch and drank tea, we each talked of what we were doing and what we’d got planned for the afternoon.

All too soon, lunchtime was over and myself and Ian wandered down to my plot carrying two types of white onions that Diane had going spare so Ian wasted no time in planting them in the bed he’d ‘prepped up’ early this morning.Now with added onions!

Here you can see it after the onions have been planted, and notice the blue ‘walking board’ which spreads the weight around so as not to squash the newly dug earth.  In total, Ian planted well over a hundred today, so when you add these to the fifty or so I planted the other day, I think we’ll be pretty set for onions in a few months time!

As the sun was out and it was so warm, I took my T-shirt off (…As I said: No children or small animals to frighten…), and tonight when I got in the shower, I noticed my shoulders and legs had certainly caught the sun;- they’re certainly tender enough!

Was today a ‘taste of things to come’ with the weather this summer?  We hope so!Just before we left this evening.

To the right here, you can see my plot just before we left tonight.  Possibly not the best shot in the world, but you can clearly see where we’ve been digging today.  This next week, we plan to finish this area off, then dig some deep trenches, then plant loads of potatoes.

Tuesday, we plan to have a trit-trot down to ‘Wilkinsons’ down in sunny Hillsborough.  There’s a few bits and bobs we need, and they should certainly have them.

I’m thinking we’ll be like a couple of kids in a candy store!

Much more very soon.


Yet more docks and more bindweed.

To get away from all the new volunteers and general chaos up at The LEAF Plots (…but a good kind of chaos!..), myself and Ian (no relation) bid a hasty retreat down to my plot yesterday.  We’d have only got in the way, and poor Diane was so busy with them, we thought we’d keep our heads down.

So the task was yet more digging and ‘prepping up’ of my plot.

To this end, Ian finished off the digging he’d started a couple of weeks agoIan prepping up the ground..  You can see him to the right here giving the ground a final light dig.  The ground on this side of the path only needed a light skimming of the top weeds and grass off then a gentle spade’s depth of digging, and after a light raking today, it’ll be ready to put white onions, garlic and whatever else we can think of in to it.

The ground on the other side of the path was a different matter, however!

I’d copped for this, so I carried on digging out seemingly miles and miles of bindweed root and of course the massive dock plants.More digging.

Here you can see ‘my’ patch about half way through the day, and in truth, it was such hard going, I didn’t make as much progress as I’d have liked.

STILL, I have all of today free, and last night, on checking the weather forecast for today, it showed wall-to-wall sunshine.

And when I got up this morning: wall-to-wall sunshine!

On with the shorts (…its okay, there’ll be no children or small animals about…), on with the T-shirt and off we go again!

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