Well, it may have been cloudy this morning, but as I was otherwise engaged doing boring stuff, I didn’t notice.

I’d finished on the stroke of lunchtime, so looked out of the window and a huge grin spread across my face.  I’d really meant to do other even more boring stuff this afternoon, but with hardly a cloud in the sky, I just had to put it off.  I quickly got ‘dressed’ in my shorts and an old T-shirt and hot-tailed it over to The Plots.Before...

Diane had spent the morning showing a pre-arranged group of visitors around.  They were really impressed with our Plots; so much so that they bought £20.00 worth of young strawberry plants.  I’m sure Diane didn’t have the heart to warn them that as soon as they put them in the ground and walk away, they’ll spread!  We’ll just have to let them find out for themselves.  Harsh?  Possibly, but fair. (…evil snigger…)

After a brief cup of tea with Diane, Matt, Jon and Gary and I went straight down to my plot to carry on digging.  More bindweed and dock removal!

Above to the right, you can see the final corner before I started.  Don’t be fooled by the seemingly bare earth to the left and in front of the fork and spade.  While it may have looked bare on the surface, underneath, it was riddled with bindweed roots and whopping great, long dock plant roots.

Even though I kept getting pleasantly interrupted by other plot-holders and so forth, I made pretty good progress.After!

To the left here is just before I left about 5.00pm from a different angle.  You can see the area I’ve dug over towards the right of the photo, and notice that the soil still has that ‘freshly turned over’ look.  Towards the back, you can see the hedge that Ian attacked yesterday.  He’s taken a lot of the sideways-growing growth out, but left the stuff that’s growing straight upwards.  Tomorrow afternoon, I may make a start on these while Ian masterfully cuts the cut-offs to be used for pea-sticks in a couple of months time.

Tomorrow, Ian’s coming round to my place for about 9.00am, then we’re having a gentle wander down to sunny Hillsborough -as I said last night- for more gardening and allotment related stuff.

And I’ve just checked the weather for tomorrow.  Cloudy in the morning, but by midday, glorious sunshine.

As I said last post: Bring it on!