But nothing really worth writing home about, or with the dull, overcast weather for much of the day, much to take photos of.

So, you’ll just have to imagine the good progress Ian and myself have made up towards the Holy Grail of the small greenhouse and the alleged ‘Patio Area’.

Ian has expertly given the jasmine a haircut and found a couple of other shrubs that needed some drastic TLC.

I carried on digging and weeding, this time fighting valiantly with the huge blackberry bramble that threatens to overtake and swamp the small greenhouse.

Luckily, I’ll have my good friend ‘Domestos’ at hand tomorrow as we make a final assault.

Of course, with the patio cleared and habitable, all we’ll have to decide is quite where will be the best positions for our padded sun loungers and large umbrella for this summer!  (…Not!..)

Joking aside, what we will have to decide pretty soon is what we’re going to put where in the latest clear area.

We’re thinking brassicas and legumes, but as with anything to do with allotments, this could change at a moment’s notice.

Great fun, though!

Tomorrow, we plan to put in at least half a day up at LEAF, then it’ll be back to my plot for more…