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And on our Plots… 05/04/12

…Spring has most definitely sprung!The orchard nearly in full blossom.

Here is a quick shot of our orchard this morning in the sunshine, and as you can see, most of the fruit trees are in blossom.

Last year, I remember we had a bad storm almost as soon as our trees came into bloom like this, and we lost quite a lot of it in the wind and rain.  Well, checking with the weather reports this morning showed that (…crossing fingers here…) there should be no high winds or stormy weather for a good few days.  Let’s hope that this year we can keep the blossom on the trees long enough for them to be pollinated.

And talking of pollination and bees, Charles our new head bee-keeper popped in unannounced today to give us an update on our bees.Re-vamped bee area.

They were due to arrive tomorrow, but with the weather being so awful yesterday, The Man from DEFRA who needs to inspect them before they’re moved couldn’t get to see them.  This has been slightly put back to the middle of next week, so by Thursday, they should be safely on-site and settling in.

And we can’t wait!

I know it sounds silly to say, but without the hives, there’s definitely something ‘missing’ from LEAF.

Anyway, Diane and the lads have pulled out all the stops before the arrival of the new hives, and up to the left here you can see the re-worked bee area.  The screens to the top right have been mostly repaired or replaced, but the main thing is the new stumps running in a much longer line.  This clearly marks the limit as to how near we can get to the hives without needing bee suits on.

Charles will be making a couple more trips early next week to sort out the arrangement for just what the hives will stand on.  Current thinking is traditional bee-stands sat on breeze blocks.  Of course, I’ll get some photos when they’re in position.

In other news, it appears that Ian has once and for all sorted out what the ‘peappleum’ on my plot is.  Down on Area 34, we’d lost just a couple of blooms, so today Ian brought one of them up to compare close-up with the LEAF fruit trees.

After much ‘umm-ing’ and ‘aaah-ing’, it was decided that the tree we have on Area 34 is…

…A PEAR tree!The LEAF pot-pear.

Ian only discovered this by accident!  After several of us going round the various trees, comparing branches, leaves and blossom, Ian noticed a sad pear tree sat in a little pot quite close to the new bee area.  This terrible shot to the right shows it, and the leaves and blossom are an exact match.  Sorted.

On leaving the orchard to go towards the kitchen area, you pass one of the stands of LEAF rhubarb.

And it’s looking pretty good right now!One of the stands of LEAF rhubarb.

I remember last year we have a massive hail storm with hailstones so big they punched many holes right through the leaves.  It looked like we’d had an attack of huge slugs!

Luckily, none of that this year, and already I can’t help thinking of Matt and his incredible rhubarb & ‘x’ pies.

This is where: ‘x’=’anything’!

I’m thinking of ‘emergency’ runs up to the local ‘Tescos’ for double cream…

And of course, I’m thinking of Plot Tea!

Even though it’s Good Friday tomorrow, I guess there’ll be quite a bit happening down on the allotments.  If not up at LEAF, then certainly down on Area 34.

More then.

Argh! Rain and snow!

Yesterday was a complete write-off.

Rain, high winds, snow…  Miserable!

Still, we certainly needed the water -especially at this time of year- and it meant I could carry on here at Wardian Towers with some programming stuff that would bore a wooden hat stand.

Most of that is now out of the way, and as the sun is now shining, we look set for a full day of Plotting.

The temperature is nowhere near as high as last week, but it will prevent us just sitting around.  We’ll have to work to keep warm!

More news and hopefully some pictures this evening.

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