No, we haven’t killed Gary’s cockerel!

No, I’m referring to the two hours of utter madness we endured this morning as the skip was delivered.

After our efforts in clearing out the top shed, the metal shed and all the piles of black bags by the far hedge, we’d promised ourselves a nice, large skip to whack it all into.

However, LEAF being LEAF, there were, of course, problems.

Firstly, the skip lorry, which arrived bang on time at 10.30, couldn’t reverse down our driveway -it was too large.  This meant that the driver had to leave the skip inside the car parking area about 800 yards away from where our bags were -with a fairly steep dip in the middle.

Also, we pretty quickly realised that we had an awful lot of black bags to go, and there was no way they’d all fit in.

Anyway, two hours of literally running with full-to-bursting (and very heavy!) bin bags on wheelbarrows, and we’d just about got rid of them all.

The skip was, er…  kind of full-to-bursting, and I’m sure that when the guy comes to pick it up, there’ll be some choice words about not overfilling it quite so badly.

But, that’s for another day, so I’m not worrying about it right now.

So why were we in such a rush to get it filled?

Well Dear Reader, as soon as our fellow plot-holders found out about it, they were very keen to fill it themselves with all their own crap!  Ha!  They should try to get anything into it now!

As a rule, because skips are so expensive -what with the new environmental laws and all- everyone thinks they can ‘just put a bag or two in and it won’t hurt, will it?’

Well not with this skip!  We’ve paid good money for it, and we’ll not be happy if anyone tries it on with extra ‘baggage’.

After all this fun, involving Matt, Gary, Gerry, Jordan and myself, we just needed a cup of tea.

Of course, then more people started to show up -just as all the hard work was over for the day!

Anyway, Matt and myself made a very quick ‘mess’ of pasta and three different types of beans, and in the afternoon, Gary carried on emptying a bed that’s no longer needed while I went home for the onions, shallots and broad bean seeds I’d forgotten in the rush this morning.P1010057

Sara wasted no time in helping out with the food and inevitable cups of tea.

To the right here is that bed Gary was working, and you can see the wheelbarrow full of weeds ready for composting.

When I returned, Carol had brought her two granddaughters, so between us all, we managed to plant two different varieties of onions and I planted four rows of broad beans.

As we finished about 4.30, Gary was carrying on clearing the bed, and when I’m over tomorrow to see to the bees, I’ll get some more shots of it.  I’ll also get some of our planting, and maybe even one of the bulging skip?!

So, a very busy day down at LEAF, and to be honest, Dear Reader, I could crawl under the duvet right now, I’m that tired!

Unfortunately, I’ve got a ton of other stuff to do before I can call it a day, but no worries. -I’ll certainly sleep tonight!