“Go and make your bed!”  Possibly the kind of thing you’d tell a teenager, but this was just what we were doing yesterday.

Again, the weather, while not actually snowing, was pretty cold, and again, if you stopped for more than a couple of seconds, you could feel yourself ‘setting’.

I arrived first, and wasted no time in getting the kettle on, obviously fed the cat, then surveyed what needed doing.

Primarily, this was the other long bed on the top Plot, then we had to make new sides for the new beds just below.P1010079

Here is a shot of Ian working on the side while Graham and Jon stand keeping a careful eye on matters.

Meanwhile, Gary was hard at work on that long bed.

Previously, this has had the dreaded strawberries in and not much else.P1010077

Well, this weekend, we plan to plant a load of fruit bushes in a similar manner to Jon & Pam’s work the other week on the top-most bed.  There’ll be no sides on this bed, so it’ll be set at exactly path height.  This is to discourage slugs and other would-be fruit predators.

On Saturday, I’ll get some more shots of this as it takes shape, and I’m sure you’ll agree it’ll look good when it’s done.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…P1010084

…And the first of the two beds was taking shape.

We’ve decided that this bed and the one behind it should be three scaffolding planks high.  This will be for our less able volunteers who want to garden, but don’t want to be bending right over to do so.  When more soil is added in a few days time, you’ll see that these will be the perfect height.

Anyway, this Saturday with hopefully more volunteers, we can crack on and get things moving.

More then!