The weathermen got it completely spot-on today.  Almost unbroken sunshine all day long, and if this keeps up, I may have to bring out the ‘Wardian Shorts’.

Don’t worry, though.  -Before I do, there’ll be plenty of warning to make sure there are no children or small, furry animals nearby.

As is the LEAF way, things started off a little slowly this morning.  Of course, after opening the sheds, the first job was the tea, and this was soon on and about to boil.

Nick from the Parson X Initiative soon arrived with his wife, then Graham and Ricky tipped up.

I then received a call from our friends at Richardson’s DIY over in Firth Park to say they were dropping off the new stobs, so I had to see Anne to get the keys for the trading hut so we could get some scaffolding boards out that she had very kindly agreed to store for us.

Today would be a Bed Making Day!

Nick, Graham and Ricky and I then brought up eight decent lengths of scaffolding, and I showed them all how easy it is to make a bed using the method we’d used last weekend.New Bed!

It didn’t take us long to whack it all together, and you can see it ‘in the raw’ in the shot to the right here.

Today, I was much more conscious of my ‘hammering action’.  Last Saturday, I’d been a little ‘over enthusiastic’ and as I’d had hammered some of the nails in, my forearms were at some pretty odd angles.  While I didn’t notice this at the time, over the next few days, my left thumb (…I’m a ‘south paw’…) swelled up pretty dramatically, leading to a trip to the GP on Monday morning, followed by a five hour wait in the casualty department of the local hospital for x-rays.  Luckily nothing broken, just some stern advice about how to hammer properly.

Well, I took the doctor’s advice, and so far this evening, no twinges like last week.

So, back to the matter in hand, and this bed will need a few external stobs to keep the sides and the ends from bowing.  We’ll get these whacked in on Saturday morning.

At one point, Graham told Gary -who’d just arrived- that we needed to move the bed because the ‘weather station’ was right in the middle of it.  Luckily, he got the joke, because even Gary with all his massive strength would have a hard time moving this bed.  Not only does all the wood weigh a lot, but each corner has about two feet of stob directly into the earth!

One of the first jobs on Saturday will be for eager volunteers to paint this entire bed with ‘our’ green paint, and that should provide a lot of enjoyment for whoever wants to do this.  The bed we finished last Saturday also needs at least another coat or four, so I reckon there’s hours of happy fun to be had slapping it all over.

Unfortunately, I had to go down town this afternoon on far less fun business, so we had to shut up right on time, but you can be sure that come Saturday, we’ll all be back, eager to get this bed finished, then we’ll have the fun task of deciding just what we want to grow in it.

Current popular suggestions are fast-growing salad stuff, but with a line of nice flowers down the centre to break up the lines.  This sounds ideal, but there will be more chats about this on Saturday over one or more of the many cups of tea.

And the weather?  Why, it’s set to be a degree or so hotter than today!

Bring on the Spring!  …And here’s to a cracking Summer!