Ah, before you click away, we’re not asking you to do them!

No.  I’ve been doing some rough calculations on battery usage, and given that the bike wasn’t really used as much as it could be, and even then wasn’t really being ridden hard in a high gear, I reckon that for the riding that was done -about three quarters of an hour in total- that we ‘added’ another hours’-worth of life into the battery with the bicycle attached.

This is given that our new mains charger gives out about 7A into the battery -making that just over C/7 for the charging curve (…These batteries are 50A/h…), and given that the charging curve characteristics are far from linear, and given that I only have charging curves for C/10 and C/5, so its ‘somewhere in between’ these two curves.

(…In other words, its a ‘guesstimate’!..)

Close-up of the processor board.

Close-up of the processor board.

Here, you can see a close-up of the main processor board in the charging unit.  The big black thing you can see towards the back is the PIC16F887 processor we’re using.

Closer up, those six little black devices are the transistors, surrounded by the associated resistors and diodes required so I can simply plug this box into my computer via the 9-pin serial lead and the computer ‘thinks’ its the programmer.  They may look randomly placed, but one leg in the wrong hole or a track underneath not cut in the right place, and it just wouldn’t work.

So, this evening, as well as monitoring the battery charging and taking and recording measurements at regular intervals, I’ve been pickling!  Here, you can see the results of my efforts with the battery on the charger sat next to three jars of freshly-pickled red cabbage.

Batteries and pickles!

Batteries and pickles!

The other day, Diane had very kindly given me a fine specimen she’d grown on her own allotment, and as I love pickled red cabbage, particularly with ‘classic’ meat and potato pie, well, it just had to be done!

The only problem now is that I have to wait a few months for it to be ready!

Anyway tomorrow, being Saturday is of course, a Plot Day.

According to the BBC weather pages, tomorrow is set to be fine and dry, though I hope not as windy as today.

I hope to be there nice and early -there’s just soooo much to do, and afterwards we can all look forward to Matt’s excellent soup, washed down with Plot Tea, hopefully under the Plot Gazebos with Plot Lighting.

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