…Of people.

And of bees!

Wednesday of last week saw us open our Plots to the world.  It was our contribution to the Sheffield Environment Weeks, and apart from a slight hiccup with the weather, it all went off swimmingly.

Unfortunately, I have no photos of the event for I was working like mad at the new pizza oven, and in a little over two hours, I managed to whack out over 25 pizzas!  Each one was individually topped by the customer, and apart from one slight miscalculation with the timing of a single pizza, everybody enjoyed them.  Of course, there were loads of people who said, “I want one in my garden!”

Hmm.  If you’re prepared for the back-breaking and foot-bashing work, then go ahead.

When we explained this to folks, it must be said the majority then said, “Oh! So you can’t just knock one up in a weekend then?”

Not as such.  Not unless you’ve got Alan Titchmarsh and Charlie Dimmock coming round with their gang.

Then last week we had a swarm!

This was the middle hive that I’ve kind of adopted.  Gary was the first to spot the exiting bees (…Again!..) who went high into a neighbouring tree in the woodland at the side of LEAF.  Regretfully, they were way too high to safely catch, and pretty soon, they headed off down in the direction of The Northern General Hospital just down the road.

When Charles came this Wednesday, with some of our volunteers (…I was unfortunately very busy, so couldn’t attend…) and he checked the hives over and did a ‘Reversal’ on the first one.  Next time I’m down there, I’ll get some proper shots and explain what this is all about.

Anyway, I’m afraid its way past my bedtime right now, so Dear Reader, I’ll have to leave it there.

More photos and funny tales for next time?

You bet.

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