Today, Charles, our head beekeeper came over to check on our hives.

Unfortunately, we’ve lost a couple of colonies over the cold period, but that leaves us with three -the same number we started out with last year, so we’re not too downhearted.

Last week, Jon and myself had put a couple of feeders on the two ‘main’ hives.  When we checked today, one of the feeders was entirely empty, but the other one hadn’t been touched, but as Charles said, that particular hive was left with masses of capped honey, and with the cold weather we’ve been having lately, the bees would rather tuck into this, rather than the long, cold climb up to the feeder.

So today, we warmed up the syrup in the one that hadn’t been touched, then warmed up some fresh for the hive that had taken it all.

Generally, Charles is pretty happy with our bees, and if Charles is happy, then we’re happy.

Next week, Jon and I will check the feeders again, and top up as necessary.

In the meantime, Bring On The Spring!

Yes, snow is great for Big Kids like myself, maybe for a day or two, but to be honest, the older I get, the less I can stand the cold, wet and miserable stuff that gets thrown on us every year.

Will this summer be any better?  No-one knows, but first, let’s get the Spring underway!

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