Hi Everyone …..
Here is the first entry for a blog recording the progress of the Abundance Project in North East Sheffield. In case you don’t know, the Abundance NE project was led this summer by PXI- Parson Cross Initiative (an inter church partnership project) as part of our “Green Church” project.

LEAF were early partners in the project, now the project continues to grow with additional involvement from places like: Early Days Children Centre, Chaucer BEC, Southey Green School, Healthy Cross as well as local people who have offered both time and fruit.
The plan for this first years harvest (as stated at the meeting on 18th August) was to complete a nominal harvest so we could iron out any start up issues etc. Amazingly we have harvested and distributed around 100lbs of fruit (mainly apples and pears) which I think is a great achievement in this first year.
The harvest hasn’t ended yet – if anyone fancies helping out, we’ve got two more apple trees to do this weekend at Grenoside. If you want to get involved ring Nick Waterfield on 07539 770946.

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