I finally did it!

Okay, with a little help from undoubtedly Sheffield’s best electronic engineer, who actually said it as an almost throw-away comment; “…You have to reset everything to zero with a PIC because by default, everything is left on.”

Too true, as I finally turned OFF the PORT B analogue inputs and shazam!  Its counting like crazy.

So, in just a few minutes I have to pop back up to Diane’s office in the library to finish up the wording for a bid we’re putting together, then on my return, I will connect my circuit board up to the bike, do a little math as to how far you cycle with one wheel revolution and then, when I cycle, I’ll be able to tell how far I’ve gone.


Of course, the more cynical reader will simply say; “Why not buy one of those cheap bike computers you can pick up for less than a fiver?” And they’d be right to say this, but that’s missing the point.

The point is, without having to hack a ready-made piece of kit, I’ve actually done it myself.

And very quickly, from getting the distance travelled, I can work out all kinds of other stuff -speed, calories burned off; all manner of interesting stuff.

Yes, you can do that with a cheap bike computer, but it wouldn’t be anything like as much ‘fun’ to simply do that!

I use the word ‘fun’ there in inverted commas, because if truth be told, sometimes its been anything but fun, but I’ve sure leaned a Big Lot about the PIC interrupt system!

More soon…

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