Then the rain came, with thunder, lightning, even hail!  But more of that in a while.

Carrying on from where we left off the other day, Ian and I once again attacked the seating area up by the top metal shed.

We’d already positioned most of the stumps we were going to use for risers, but had a little trouble trying to get them to fit in without excess wobbling when you sat down.Working on the stumps.

Here you can see a couple of the new ones with a ‘trial’ piece of seating between them.  As you can imagine, no matter how much we packed them with stones or slithers of slate, they always rocked.

Then, looking back at how Ian had so expertly done the old ones, the solution was simple.  Simply sit a stump on a large, thin and flat piece of tree trunk. Detail of a stump fixing. Then a few well-camouflaged long nails to secure the two together, and hey presto, job done!

Here you can see in detail a stump with its ‘base’, and these are surprisingly stable.

By now, Barry and family had arrived and he gave us a hand with the first coat of paint.

Seemingly no sooner had we finished the painting then the heavens opened.  Of course, this completely washed it all off, but that’s not a problem.  Just slap some more on!

They sky had been getting increasingly darker and darker, then there was a faint rumble, a few big spots of rain then Blam!

It rained for over an hour; heavy, heavy rain, loads of thunder and the odd flash of lightning, then it started hailing!Flood!

In the planter towards the bottom of this picture, you can see the hailstones.

Actually, this photo was taken as the storm was dying down, but you can see the river running down the path towards the greenhouse.  Diane and Barry had to divert the water flow using shovels and a mattock to hack at the ground to allow it to flow away.  If they hadn’t, then our greenhouse would have completely flooded!Whoops.  Very unhappy cat!

One LEAF regular (…well, she is Vice-Chair!..) who didn’t escape the downpour was poor little Mitzi-Moos.

Cold, wet and hungry.  Still, we fed her again, and very soon, the sun was back out, so we were all able to carry on from where we left off, but not before a ‘group shot’ by Diane of most of us sat at our new seating.One happy family.

Now, I probably should name everyone on this photo, but I’m not going to.

If you want to find our names, then come down The Plots on a Saturday afternoon and join us!

Great tea, superb, home-cooked food and plenty of chats.

Often with cats.


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