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A new fruit harvesting season has started and already in Abundance NE we’ve harvested a lot of apples and pears. We’ve got another trip out this time to some trees in Ecclesfield we’ve been offered, and we’ve also got a number of apple trees in Burngreave to get round to. If anyone needs any fruit or can think of local charities etc that might make use, please let Diane or Nick know.

Also there’s a new blog that may interest some of you its the new PXI-Plot107 blog all about the new allotments in Parson Cross Park and the work PXI is doing as part of that, here’s the link.

Cake and Carols

Ok so it’s not really Abundance stuff but the Cake and Carols on the 19th was fun …. here’s some pictures. Thanks for the well stoked fire Nick.

Have a happy Christmas one and all!

Chutney Workshop

Following the recipe

We had our first “Chutney Workshop” at Mount Tabor yesterday evening – we had a good time together and made some great smelling and tasting chutneys!
Hopefully in the new year we’ll arrange further workshops and try out more recipes – meanwhile have a happy Christmas.

Following the recipe

Thanks to everyone who came to Greening the Cross celebration on Saturday 27th.

The apple juice went down very well, so much so that I’ve put in a Community Chest application for us to get our own.

Di and I are also planning some “Chutney Workshops” before Christmas and into next year.

Here’s a selection of photos for your enjoyment.

Greening the Cross Community Celebration 27th NovemberI know it clashes with LEAF regular Saturday sessions but we are hoping some of you will pop along with a stall, there will also be stalls from Abundance NE, Sheffield Wildlife Trust, and others ….. hopefully a fun couple of hours.

Abundance stall

The Lord Mayor, Cllr Alan Law, will be joining the celebrations for the councils “Greening the Cross” project on 27th November at Mount Tabor Methodist Church, Wordsworth Avenue (bottom of Southey Hill).
As well as the Lord Mayor helping to plant the final two trees of a number of new ones being planted in and around Parson Cross area, there will be a number of stalls from local groups and projects. LEAF have, I believe, been invited to have a stall which I hope they will, but we are also planning an Abundance NE stall. If anyone wants to help, just let me know by sending an e mail to:
Hope to see you there!

Some of the First Fruits (apples from Meynell School grounds) these were taken to Early Days Centre at Palgrave Road.

Well we had another good morning of harvesting today with another couple of trees from a garden near Yewlands Technolgy College. A small but merry band (me, Angela and the two children to be precise) managed to collect just around 40-50llbs of cooking apples …. we’re hoping to go back later this week and finish the job by harvesting the eaters from the other tree.
All the apples are safely stored for the time being at Mount Tabor Methodist Church, and will soon be distributed on the estate through the usual sources.
Priority for next season is getting ourselves a fruit press so we can juice those apples that aren’t at their best anymore – and of course more of the jam and chutney making that has been discussed in the past. So if there’s any keen amateur jam and chutney makers out there – please get in touch. I’ve got the apples, and the jars, we just need you!

Abundance Harvesting

Hi Everyone …..
Here is the first entry for a blog recording the progress of the Abundance Project in North East Sheffield. In case you don’t know, the Abundance NE project was led this summer by PXI- Parson Cross Initiative (an inter church partnership project) as part of our “Green Church” project.

LEAF were early partners in the project, now the project continues to grow with additional involvement from places like: Early Days Children Centre, Chaucer BEC, Southey Green School, Healthy Cross as well as local people who have offered both time and fruit.
The plan for this first years harvest (as stated at the meeting on 18th August) was to complete a nominal harvest so we could iron out any start up issues etc. Amazingly we have harvested and distributed around 100lbs of fruit (mainly apples and pears) which I think is a great achievement in this first year.
The harvest hasn’t ended yet – if anyone fancies helping out, we’ve got two more apple trees to do this weekend at Grenoside. If you want to get involved ring Nick Waterfield on 07539 770946.

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