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Donating Items for the AGM

Hello everyone, Have you got anything that you could donate for our Auction/Raffle at this years AGM if so please contact me.

Regards Ian

Odin training in Water

We have numerous baths at LEAF

This is our Aqua Special Training.  As you may see Odin is sat in a cold water bath, and I think his extremities are getting a little cold, but he is holding up, though looking a little startled.

Strange Sights at LEAF

"Jonny Darko"

Whats all this then ?

Mitsy can ordinarily take things in her stride, but on this day she wasn’t please with the “Jonny Darko”  or Wier Cat that had come to join us, however after a time she realised that it was not a threat.


Thursday was a good day except for the point were we had to dispose of our outside Tomatoes, which had been struck by Blight. Yes we lost them all. On a brighter note a good haul of potatoes from the therapy plot with reds (Desire, don’t think thats correct spelling) and white’s don’t know name but some of the biggest of the harvest.

Our resident Computer (engineer, consultant, etc) has given me a very large memory. To which I’m eternally grateful, so expect more little stories to be bunged up on the metal shed.

Another first was that my eldest daughter visited the plots on Thursday on her quest to gain experience of voluntary organisations. Which see found very interesting, she is at the moment working (volutary) for Health Cross but is hoping to start work with the NHS by the end of the year.

Nick and myself completed drafting plans of the plots and hope to come up with a final rotation for next year hopefully before the end of the year. We are being radical especially with the top plot, mainly getting the strawberries back under control, after all it is our show case, being the entrance to the allotments an all !!

This Saturday’s Pickling

Hello Guys & Dolls,

             Pickling got cancelled last Saturday, but will be on the 18th Sept (Saturday) all things being well, the weather that is. We have had a contribution of beetroot from John. We have plenty to pickle it will be after lunch around 2pm onwards.

A most enjoyable Day

Hello Folk’s,

                      Well I have to say that yesterday was very enjoyable. Most of the day was spent harvesting. The crops were potatoes, garlic, shallots, onions.

The potatoes on the top plot were a mixed bag and not a very good crop. But there was at least ten different variaties and this was expected, very interesting though. The garlic and shallots were fantanstic, beautiful, lovely, brilliant, amazing, Oops got carried away there, onions red and not red were of good size to large. So in between dodging the showers I enjoyed myself so much I missed my lunch. Didn’t even notice. We had a new voulunteer working with us, us being Nick and I his name is Patrick, and went at it like a bat out of hell on the top plot. The Pickling session was postponed while next Saturday. So you still have the chance to participate.

Okies Ian.

Yes Folk’s it’s that time of year. I’m now at the start of producing next years crop rotation.

Once complete you will be able to see what and where was grown this year and what is planned for next year. Also in this action plan will be the required preperation for each “bed” There is a lot of prep work to do so with this in mind I am going to make this a bit of a priority. So if you see me wandering around with a note pad thats what I will be doing, we have got to move fast so hopefully and I mean hopefully I will have the Action plan by the end of Oct.  See you up there or be somewhere else!

Hello I’m back

My Gaffer

Ian do you know what your really doing ?

Text of Conversation between Lieutenant Odin and his Father recorded at their home 24 hrs ago:-

    “Hello old boy, I’m awfully proud that you past your basic training.”
   “Thank you Sir!”
   “Ah you will be in for promotion in no time!”
   “Steady on now father I not really sure that I am cut out for this hullabaloo…”
   “Now listen here boy, we have a tradition in this family and you will up hold it even if it means you have to take my place first in the family tomb!”
   “Hmmmm that’s what I am afraid of”…

This officer has undergone his basic training and past with flying colors. However I feel duty bound to bring to your attention his (to put it delicately) shortfalls.

He has great enthusiasm and often because of this jumps in first before considering all his options. He shows a total disregard for safety and may lead to problems during his first tour of duty. He shows disrespect for the lower ranks in risking their safety too.

Officer Mitzi may be well advised to keep him close by her side, take him under her wing so to speak.

He does however have a total belief in the war, which could lead to his untimely downfall.

His father will not put up with any disgrace, and may I remind you that when he is around in operations that he is an influential Politician and would not look kindly to any family disgrace.

Regards, Military Intelligence

This is a Top Secret Memo and must be destroyed without fail.

“Oooooodddddiiiiiiinnn!” cried Ian as he raced up the stairs.

“Er, bit of a problem, old lad.” he said, gasping for breath after the recent exercise, “Seems there’s been some cock-up with your papers.  It says here that you can’t join The Corps unless you have at least a ‘Sergeant’s Stripes’!”

“What?  …Oh, blast!  Let me think.  Maybe there’s some way round this wretched rule?”

“Well,” Explained Ian, “It says here you can earn them by either downing one of The Axis’ airborne units, or if you have ‘Special Operational Abilities’.  What does that mean, do you think?”

“Well, father, that could mean that new mouse-simulator you brought back just the other day, yes?  After all, when I’d ‘got it’s measure’ I was all over it!”

“Hmmm…” said Ian, scratching his chin, “I guess…  Tell you what, lad.  On Saturday, I’ll chat with Major Mitzi and see what she says.  I guess it couldn’t harm to mention the simulator, could it?”

“No, father.  I’m sure she’ll understand, and, well, if it has all been a ‘paperwork error’, I’m sure she’ll understand and accommodate me.”

“Yes, son.  I’m sure she’ll understand.  Leave it with me.”

“Great, pater.  Oh, and by the way; you wouldn’t happen to be making me any dinner about now, would you, only I’m starving!

“Okay, son.  Dinner will be served very shortly…”

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