Today it certainly was!  Maybe a little on the windy side out up by the road, but down on our Plots, almost wall-to-wall sun and much calmer.

We all arrived much at the same time, so once the kettle was on (…obviously!..), we decided on today’s jobs.

It was decided that we’d do some planting of potatoes, leaving a couple of beds for Gary to do later, then Ian and I would make a table for the new seating area -the one I was on about last night.  Tim then arrived, and carried on with his ‘cutting genius’.  This time he took cuttings from plants down on the Demonstration Plot -sage, curry plant and more lavender

Planting potatoes.Back to the potatoes, and here you can see one of the trenches.  When this has been dug deep enough, a trowel was used in the bottom of the trench to dig individual holes for the potatoes themselves.  We then placed them in the holes being very careful not to break the tender shoots, always making sure that they were the ‘right way up’ -roots downwards, shoots upwards.

From this shot here, you can see a layer of leafmold that New David has just finished laying.  This is just to provide a little extra nourishment for the soon-to-be-growing tubers.

After we’d done this, New David set to painting the new ‘Chatting With Bees’ benches with some of our water-based, completely non-toxic and dead-easy-to-wash-off paint.  The same stuff we’d had so much fun with last summer with the new greenhouse and top wooden shed.

The new 'Chatting With Bees Bench'.To the right here you can see him, paint brush in hand admiring his handywork, and beautiful it looks too.  A little later on our final cup of tea for the afternoon, the paint was dry enough for us to sit on them, and they are the perfect height.  More by luck than judgement, but there we go…

Meanwhile, Ian and I finished the new seating area on the concrete below the sink area, and here you can see the result.New seating area. Again, you’ll notice the stumps that provide a very stable base -as I demonstrated by walking on it.

Now, you’ll also notice that this table is much lower than previous tables, and this was done for good reason.

Firstly, the old formica-topped table was just too high, and also we may well move some more stumps round it for people to sit on -at much the same height as we sit round the fire.  We think this will provide a more ‘chilled’ atmosphere, and may encourage people to look around as they drink their tea or coffee and see what we’ve done.

We think when the planters front and back are planted and flowering, it’ll be a wonderful place to sit and just well, chill.

More soon…

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