Today, the weather has been almost ‘summer-like’. Great, long spells of almost unbroken sunshine with hardly a cloud in the sky.

Okay, maybe the temperature wasn’t as high as we’d have liked, but once I got working, my coat came off and my sleeves were rolled up, it certainly felt like summer.  Maybe it was the perfect temperature?  Not too hot that all you want to do is sit around wearing sunglasses soaking up the rays, your only concern being your tan lines..!

Anyway, I digress.  Almost straight down to work, and New David kindly helped me move some pieces of carpet, one of which was blocking my continued work down by the Anderson shelter.  The others came from on top of The Mound and another from near where Diane parks her car.

Carpet to cover the banking.

Carpet to cover the banking.

When we’d moved them to the top most plot, Gary came to help us move them onto the banking below the fencing to the road.

This area is full of twitch grass, and rather than the ‘Job From Hell’ of trying to remove it all -taking most of the fragile banking with it- we decided that we’d cover it with carpets.

This will slow down the weeds under it for a few months (…out of sight, out of mind?..), so when we get round to it -probably in the coming Autumn- it’ll be a much easier job to simply pull up the hopefully-dead roots and whitened stalks.

In theory!

You’ll notice the old tires we’ve placed on the edges and corners.  These will hopefully stop the carpet blowing away should we have some high winds.

One of our members then mentioned that these tires would be an ideal target for vandals to just nip over the fence and roll them down the hill -this happened further down the site last year.  Solution?  Easy!  Fill them with soil and plant daffodil bulbs in them -that way they’ll be far too heavy for even the strongest drunk to think about moving!

When we’d finished this, Gary and New David carried on working above the tire bank further along the banking while I got on with ‘my’ little bed and my first ‘solo’ length of dry stone walling.

New herb bed finished!

New herb bed finished!

If you click on this photo a couple of times to get maximum picture size, you’ll just see the stones I laid edge-wise at the back of this bed.  These are quite deeply rooted and back-filled so even major earth-works in front of them on the bed itself shouldn’t cause them to budge.  Hopefully.

Barry, having fully prepped up the soup then helped me remove any weeds, broken glass and shards of pottery, and hopefully by this time next week, there’ll be a selection of culinary herbs in there, nicely handy for any of our chefs to use in their excellent dishes.

While we were busy, Diane was busy welcoming new visitors and their grandchildren while Pam and Sara carried on their excellent work on the tire bank.

The tire bank.

The tire bank.

These tires had been completely overrun by strawberries, twitch grass and other weeds last year, and because of the relatively poor drainage and sunlight (…as you can see, the sun almost completely misses it…), even the strawberries failed to live up to our expectations.

This year, Pam and Sara have cleared them of all the strawberries, refilled the tires with best-quality compost -right to the rims, then planted daffodils on the top most layer.  By next week, they’ll be a riot of yellow from their flowers.

All too soon it was five o’clock and time for me to make a move, but if the delicous odours coming from the kitchen were anything to go by, I missed a great feast.

Still, I just checked the weather forecast, and its set to stay this way for at least a few days.

Maybe tomorrow, eh?


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