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Tea Party!Come and join us for tea!

Space 2 Grow.

From June 16th, every Thursday Nick Waterfield will be down on our Plots between 11am and 1pm.

Everyone’s invited!

Notice of EGM

We are holding an ‘EGM’ (Extraordinary General Meeting) on Friday the 17th of June, 2011 up at Southey Library at 6.00pm.

This will be to discuss and vote on two things, namely the changing of our constitution and to vote on whether to apply for Charitable Status from the Charities Commission.

Our constitution needs to be changed to fall into line with the Charity Commission’s ‘blueprint’ that all charities have to adopt before consideration.

To see and download a copy of this new constitution, simply move your mouse up to ‘constitution’ and a drop-down will appear and you simply click on that.

Alternatively, you can download it here in ‘Word’ format.

The management committee have worked hard on this, and it is our opinion that this would be a very positive step forward for LEAF and will enable us to apply for funding from many more sources that only give finance to registered charities.  As our funding is due to run out in just a few months, we feel this is of paramount importance to continue the good work that LEAF undertakes.

To help us, we have invited Keith Levy from VAS (Voluntary Action Sheffield) who is an expert in this field to be present.  He will give a brief presentation then will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

This meeting is open to both members and non-members of LEAF, but only members may vote in this matter.

We look forward to seeing you then!

Dig for Victory!

To print out a copy of this poster to put up somewhere visible, simply click on it once, then press ‘print’ from your browser.

Of course, I could say you’d have to turn up to find out, but that’d be pretty mean, so here’s a quick ‘taster’…

Seed planting on the new worktop by the greenhouse.We’ve been working pretty hard over the last few months to get our plots ‘up to scratch’ and ready for visitors to see, but because it is a ‘working allotment’, as you walk round, you will see areas that look untended and unloved.

Well, let us tell you, they aren’t!

They’re work in progress.

What you will see are many more beds than last year with crops growing.  There are many different varieties of onions, garlic, shallots, spring onions, radishes, potatoes, leeks, oca, sweetcorn, courgettes, tomatoes, cucumbers…  The list goes on!  But how could we forget the now-famous ‘LEAF Strawberries’!  This year you’ll be encouraged to go and ‘Pick Your Own’.  Not merely strawberries, but actual strawberry plants! We’ll lend you a hand fork, and point you in the right direction, and you’ll be free to dig up as many as you want to take home and plant in your garden or even in a pot on your balcony!

On other ‘fronts’, we have a newly-and-greatly-expanded seating area up by the metal shed for many more volunteers and visitors to relax under a couple of our gazebos.  The 'Zen' seating area.We also have a new ‘Zen’ seating area on the patio you can relax in.

More ‘hardware’ to show off this year is our now fully glazed, fully functional, and ‘fully full’ of young plants greenhouse!

A gentle wander up to our ‘Orchard Plot’ and you’ll be able to see our five, fully functional beehives kindly supplied by ‘Groundwork Sheffield’ and the ‘Bee Buddies’ project last year.

Further up The Plots, up by the wooden shed, there’ll be a new area for our new ‘electric bicycles’ and you can try for yourself and see just how much fun it can be to generate your own electricity, and as the evening light draws in, you’ll be able to see the power generated earlier in the day actually lighting up the gazebo under which the bikes will be sat!

Then, there’ll be a selection of young, ready-potted plants in exchange for a donation for your own garden; you’ll be able to drink the now world-famous (…well, nearly…) Plot Tea we rave about so often on our Website; you’ll be offered a taste of ‘proper’ home-cooked food, and if the weather’s fine, we may have a fire lit so you can taste for yourself the awesome baked potatoes we often cook on a Saturday evening after a hard day’s work.Mitzi, shouting at us!

Finally, there’s ‘our’ allotment cat, Mitzi, who may well make an appearance.  From this photo, she may look fierce, but she really is just a Big Softie, unless you try and tickle her tummy!

Who could want for more!

So, get out your diary, make a date and we’ll see you then!

The Environment Week Bash Poster.

Simply click once on the image above and select ‘Print’ to your printer, and you have your own poster to put up to display.

We hope to see you then!

Tonight was our AGM.

An evening of celebration of everything and everyone that is LEAF.Vegetable fun!

And who better to help us celebrate than Madame Zucchini and her amazing vegetable show?

After we’d finished all the ‘serious business’ (…details in a bit…), she came on stage and showed us the fun you can have with vegetables, including her rendition of the film ‘Jaws’, complete with the main characters, and an evil looking shark with big teeth made from an aubergine.

She then handed out paper bags, each filled with an assortment of vegetable ‘chunks’ and matchisticks, and told us we should all make our own vegetable ‘creations’ and there would be a prize at the end.

And what fun we had!Proud Mr Potato Head.

Here’s Elaine showing off her ‘Mr Potato Head’.

Of course, the children were in heaven.  Getting to ‘play with their food’ without mum telling them off!

This shot is of one of our youngest ‘Plotters’, Lisa, proudly showing off her creation.Proud Lisa!

All in all, everyone had fun with Kyle eventually being declared the winner.

He won a prize of a limited edition hand-made ‘Madame Zucchini’ greetings card.

As it was our AGM, we had some serious ‘official business’ to get through.  Recently our chairman, Mick informed us that he wished to stand down, so the post was open.

Initially, both Julie -a long-standing committee member and I had put our names forward, and it would have gone to a vote of the LEAF members, but in the end, Julie decided to withdraw her application.

The rest of the committee were standing again, so after a ‘block vote’ of all LEAF members, we were all duly elected to the committee, with myself as chairman.

Madness?  Possibly.

But it will be fun…



The AGM Poster!

Our resident artist, Emma has very kindly produced this poster for us:-

If you click on the image twice, you’ll get the full sized version, then simply print it off -in colour or black and white, and put it somewhere visible!

We hope to see you then -and if you’d drop us a line to let us know, it would make it much easier for catering and seating etc.


The AGM!

Oh no!  Its nearly that time of year again…

Starting for 5.30pm in the Southey Library as usual, there’ll be a cold buffet where we can meet and greet, then the AGM ‘proper’ starts for 6.15pm.

We hope to get everything boring out of the way by 7.00pm then we can welcome on stage:

‘Madame Zucchini’ and her truly amazing vegetable show.

Guaranteed fun for all the family!

Then at 7.45pm, we’ll have an ‘abridged version’ the Nearly World Famous LEAF Raffle, with things rounding off for about 8.00pm.

In the next couple of days, there’ll be A4 and A5 posters for you to download and print and hopefully put up somewhere visible.

See you then!

Halloween Bash!

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Come on down to LEAF Saturday the 30th for Halloween and celebrate with us!

As usual, we’ll be there from 10.00am for a normal Saturday Session, but in the afternoon, the fun starts for the kids, culminating with food to share and the official unveiling of ‘Plot Power’ as we electrify our allotments with power an light supplied by pedal power.

You can download a poster to put up here.

See you then!

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