After yesterday’s triumph in managing to work out all the details of fitting a louvre to a greenhouse window, Ian and Nick (no relation) today tackled the remaining three.

Yesterday’s sheer luck in finding a piece that would cut into two to make the first ran out, so Diane, armed with the off-cut for size comparison went down to the nearest DIY store while Nick drilled the 18 (!) remaining holes in the steel greenhouse frame.

Much fun was had when Diane brought back the wood and it was realised that the new stuff, while being the right width was about four millimetres too thick meaning the bolts were not long enough to be able to bolt the aluminium louvres in.



When their legs had fully dried, Ian and Nick (no relation), with the aid of a really nice drill-bit set that Diane also purchased, figured they could countersink into the holes drilled for the bolts to fit the nuts on the outside, thereby negating the need for longer bolts.  I’ll get a close-up tomorrow to post to show the detail.

If you double-click on the image on the left, you’ll see the black cylinder on the right hand side is the automatic opener, and if you look even closer towards the back of the greenhouse to the right of the blue bin, you’ll see another.

The other side of the greenhouse is fitted exactly the same.

So, all four of the automatic louvre-openers are now fitted, and they work!

Ian and Nick (no relation) realised this in the afternoon as the sun swung round.  In full sunlight -and therefore very warm, the openers were fully open, but almost as soon as the sun went behind the trees, casting long shadows on the greenhouse, the openers closed.

Time for a high-five!

And another cup of tea…

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