Those large, friendly letters that ought to be posted somewhere pretty visible to all and sundry at LEAF.

Yes, its been seemingly quiet on these pages just recently, but that’s not because we’ve all emigrated, died or been evicted.

No, its because I’ve had a major hard disk crash*, and until just a few minutes ago I was blind and deaf because of it.

Anyway, its much too late to say anything sensible right now, and anyway I haven’t ‘Webified’ all the photos I’ve taken recently, so it will have to wait ’til Friday evening.

Why Friday?

Because Dear Reader, tomorrow evening, after a hard day’s ‘Plotting’, I’ll be attending a meeting of the Sheffield Bee Keeping Society with Diane, and probably won’t get home ’til late.

But, there’s been loads happening, and I can’t wait to sit down, get it all straight in my own head, then commit it to the ether.


*  The hard drive in question was an IDE drive and the replacement was a SATA drive.  Would Windows back-up recognise the SATA drive when trying to restore?  I think not…  fume

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