Fleabane.We’re pretty sure this is ‘fleabane’.

Its sat at the top of the rose bed on the Top Plot above the roses, next to the horseradish.

So, you may ask just why fleabane is called fleabane.

Apparently, it was used in medieval times to control… You guessed it: Fleas!

It was spread on the flooring of cattle sheds and kitchens in homes (…often the same room…) amongst the straw to control the pesky little mites.

Nowadays, we have ‘flea spray’ for cats.  In expensive aerosol cans, this stuff is absolutely guaranteed to have your cat running up the curtains to get away from you as you come at it wearing elbow-length leather gauntlets with a determined look in your eye wielding the dreaded orange and white can.

Well, Dear Reader, I have the answer!

A few months ago my cat, Alfie started scratching and fussing, and sure enough, he’d caught a good dose of fleas -probably from ‘Big Orange’, a particularly large and evil, smelly tabby who lives a few doors down.  Obviously, he’s Alfie’s best mate.

Remembering an old trick a friend told me many years go, I took a bottle of ‘lazy garlic’ (…pre-chopped…) from the ‘fridge and while Alfie was sat on my knee, I simply took a half-teaspoon or so of the stuff and carefully smeared it on his back by the base of his tail, making sure I got it well down in his fur towards his skin.

Now, unlike Big Orange, Alfie is particularly fastidious when it comes to his personal grooming, so he meticulously cleaned his back, consuming quite a bit of the garlic in the process.


Well, he probably wasn’t that popular with the ladies for a night or two, but the garlic got into his bloodstream, and fleas hate garlic!

Result?  A week or so later, his fur was back to its original black and silky gloss!  There was no sign of him scratching, and his skin was back its usual smoothness.

Now, every month or so, I repeat this treatment, and it seems to work brilliantly.

Okay, its not the ‘instant’ cure of the dreaded flea spray, but it doesn’t send your cat into paroxysms of fear and loathing, it saves your precious furniture and curtains, and more importantly: Its cheap and organic!

This also proves that despite other overwhelming evidence to the contrary, my cat isn’t an Evil Vampire Cat.

That’s just a story he puts out to impress his mates.



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