This morning I arrived a little late, but just in time for a quick pre-work cup of tea.

After a brief chat with all the guys and gals who’d tipped up, it was straight to work on the first compost bin to the left at the top most Plot.

Yesterday afternoon/evening, Diane and others had emptied it into the second bin, but the front was rotting and falling apart.  Luckily, Gary came to the rescue with a pallet, so we set to work making it fit.

Now, the thing about compost bins is that they soon fill up, and in doing so, unless you plan it properly, the fuller it gets, the more work you have to do.New openings for the left most compost bin.

So, at Diane’s suggestion, we took the new pallet Gary had given us, and cut it in half to make a ‘stable door’ type affair so you could open the top half, and still leave the bottom closed.  You can see it to the right here.

Because I’d cut it right above one of the horizontal slats, it meant that the part we had left was wobbly, so we simply re-used the best piece of wood from the old door along the bottom to strengthen the vertical slats, mounted it -with the ‘proper’ wire string that we can always undo.

Done!You can see the final effort here.

By doing it this way, it means as we empty it into the next bin next year, we’ll simply undo the top ‘gate’ to be able to get at the half-done soon-to-be-compost, then when we’re about half way down it, we can open the bottom gate to be able to get in with our shovels.


It was soon lunchtime, and Ian (no relation) had brought some superb food his father had made.  Pork pies, tomato bread and some black pudding bread.  We all tried some (… -it soon went!..), and all agreed that they were much nicer than shop-bought ones.

The afternoon was spent harvesting (…anyone want any French or runner beans?!..) and watering.  Yes, we’ve had a little rain of late, but when I dug down just a little way, the soil was a dry as a bone.

Minipop sweetcorn.Diane had harvested some of the mini-pop sweetcorn you can see here.  Mini-pops are the type you often find in Chinese food -they’re cooked whole, but eaten raw, they are just as good.  Simply take the wrapper off, and you’re away.  Delicious!

Now, you’ve read the title of this piece, and you’re no doubt wondering what I’m on about.

Well, the main event was about to happen in the late afternoon as Diane got a call from the contractors who are building a local school.  She’d been in touch last week, and cheekily suggested they ‘sponsor’ us for the building materials for our new pizza and bread oven.

Well, two guys came down in a car to check out our lane and see if it was wide enough for one of their diggers (…it was!..), then she received a call a few minutes later, and sure enough, a whopping great yellow front tipper truck came crashing up the drive with a load of sand and several bags of cement.  The driver was at pains to say that if we wanted any more, just to give them a call.

We like builders like these!

I’ll be sure to get all their details and post them here -well, its the least we can do to give them a ‘plug’ after their generosity!

SOOOooo, tomorrow looks like I have to finish up here by lunchtime -Friday is a washing day.  Alfie loves it as Daddy tries to get the duvet cover off with him still playing on it!

I’ll be sure to charge my new camera tonight and I’ll get plenty of shots of us having Great Fun laying the stones for the base of our new pizza oven.

I know, I know…  ‘Boys’ getting to play with sand and cement, then in a few days using what they’ve built to make fire.  Hooray!

Awww.  C’mon!  ‘Allotmenteering’ isn’t all about weeding.

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