…Or should that be spelled ‘Gorilla’?


Over recent months, we’ve been idly chatting over tea about the possibility of doing some ‘Guerrilla Gardening’.  For those who don’t know what this is all about, I strongly suggest you take a look at this site, and you’ll get the idea.

Anarchic, naughty, rule-bending, but fun!

A few weeks ago on a wet and cold Sunday morning, before many shoppers came out, myself, Diane, Another Nick and Matt met up at the nearby Tesco’s in the little shopping area not far from our plots.

Diane had already been on more than one occasion to sort out the end four ginkgo biloba trees in their one metre pots that the council had kindly planted around the car park when they re-paved and generally sorted out this area.

Of course, with council funds being squeezed, these trees had been ‘left to their own devices’, and grass and weeds, along with fast food wrappers, cigarette ends and general detritus had collected at the trees’ bases.

She had weeded them and re-filled them with soil as it had settled somewhat since the trees were planted.

So, on that wet, cold and otherwise miserable Sunday morning, we got stuck in -much to the amusement (…and amazement…) of the few shoppers who were about.

Taking a tree each, we planted four ‘clumps’ of chives, and four ‘clumps’ of daffodil bulbs.

Daffodils poking through.

Daffodils poking through.

Well today, in the sunshine on my way down to The Plots, I took this shot of ‘my’ bed, and if you click twice on the photo, you’ll just see they are poking through.

Of course, Diane’s bulbs are coming through much more strongly, but for some reason my camera unexpectedly broke before I could get a shot of hers. Strangely enough, it seemed to fix itself right after I’d got to the LEAF plots.

New fencing down the entry path.

New fencing down the entry path.

This shot to the right was taken yesterday (…see how misty it was?..), and you can clearly see our new fence posts, all as straight as a die, with the new fencing tightly strung between them.

As I mentioned last post, today myself and Harold really straightened them out and replced any rotten ones, so this should last us for a season or two.  If you look closely towards the right hand side, you’ll see a broken lat.  Well, not any more!

Diane has suggested that as the bottom of the fence is now blessedly clear of bindweed, and the posts aren’t drunkenly bowed out towards the beds, ready to catch your clothing, it would be really nice to plant a narrow border of colourful (…and fragrant…) flowers down the bed-side of this.  It’ll look great in summer, and after the number of positve comments we received last year after we’d planted the sweet william on the ends of the beds nearest this fence, we think it’ll certainly ‘set the plots off’, and give a good impression to visitors.

Watch this space for details!

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