Don’t get me wrong, I just love this heat.

It means I have every excuse to do less than nothing; not that I ever really need much of one normally, but you know what I mean…

A fortnight ago, well, a fortnight by The Big People’s clocks you understand, it was much cooler, so I was kept very busy most days, out catching and eating everything from birds to my complete favourite, squirrels.

I just love those things.  Pretty difficult to catch, but when I do, I quickly kill it, then eat it.

All of it.  Delicious!

Well, apart from the tail, you understand; I keep their tails as ‘trophies’.

Now, the Big Person, Diane has taken some pictures of me as I eat one, but she says that our readers would really, honestly, not like to see them.  Especially if its just after their dinner.  Dunno why, but well, she’s The Big People’s boss, and apparently what she says, goes.

Well, that’s as maybe, but when I want something, then she quickly finds out just who’s the boss round here.

So, this last few days has seen The Big People here every day, which has been pretty good for me, all told.

Not only do I love the Big People’s company (…please don’t tell them, it’ll only go to their heads…), but as I’ve said before it means I don’t have to worry much about food for the whole day -They’ll feed me twice! See how well I have them trained!

Anyway, I’m much too tired by all this heat, so if you don’t mind, there’ll be no photos today, but if I can be bothered, I may post some more up of me soon.

Oh, and rumour has it that I have two new recruits starting pretty soon.  Young Odin (…who owns Ian…) and Young Alfie (…who owns Nick (no relation)).

By all accounts, they’re still pretty raw to this outdoor-living, but I’ll soon lick them into shape.

Oh yes.

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