Putting the glass (…actually, its virtually unbreakable polycarbonate…) in our ‘main’ greenhouse has been a project that has stalled somewhat…

…Anyway, its finally going in before the weekend, and Ian Ward and Nick Ward (no relation) have kindly er, volunteered to fit the four automatic louvres and four automatic window-openers for the roof.

The greenhouse back in early March 2010

The greenhouse back in early March 2010

Simple job, they thought.  Get it done in no time.

No danger.

Here is a shot of one of the sides from seemingly way back in early March this year. The 3rd to be precise.

If you double-click this image a couple of times to enlarge it, you will notice the door, laying on it’s side.  If you’re really sharp-eyed, you’ll notice it has a cat-flap in the bottom.

Well, we wouldn’t want Mitzi to get cold in winter would we?!

A trial louvre was purchased, and Ian and Nick (no relation) had to figure out how to attach it to the steel frame of one of the side windows.

After a fair amount of ‘humming’ and ‘hawing’, they agreed that rather than fit it directly to the steel frame, they’d put chocks of wood either side like this:-

First louvre left

First louvre left

This is the left hand side of the first louvre -the ‘dumb’ side without the operating lever.  Quite by chance, Ian and Nick (no relation) managed to find a scrap length of wood that was exactly the right dimensions after they cut it to length.

Rather a neat solution, no?

The alternative would have been mounting them directly, and this would have been fiddly and, well, pratty (…in the author’s opinion.).

Frist right hand louvre

Right hand louvre

Next came the fun in fitting the right hand louvre, first with the handle, then working out just how on earth they were going to fit the automatic opener to it.

Anyway, they managed it, and the shot on the right shows just how they did it, this time showing in better detail the wood used between the frame and the louvre.

You can also see here the black auto-opener without the top adjusting screw fitted and how it connects to the aluminium handle.

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