Ian and I got down to my plot just before lunch today after a fun morning up at LEAF building ‘houses for bees’.Its a PEAR tree?!  Right?

Today’s task would be: More digging!

Before we could even think about doing that, though, we had to have a ‘little wander round’ to see if there were any signs of emergent life.

And I’m very pleased to announce that there were!  It seemed like all about us, life was bursting to get out of the soil!

Our first onion making it's dash for the sky!To the left here you can see the first onion, making it’s ‘bid for the sky’ as the first shoots spring up.  I swear this wasn’t like that just the other day.

Elsewhere, other plants were taking advantage of the warm spring sunshine, and the new rhubarb (…Thanks Jon!..) has wasted no time in sprouting, either.Rhubar, rhubarb!

To the right here you can see one of the two new crowns, and I can’t help thinking of Matt’s superb rhubarb and whatever pies from last summer.  Who knows, I may be inspired this year to have a go and make a pie or crumble to bring down myself one Saturday for all our LEAF volunteers.

If I am inspired, then I’ll be sure to get loads of pictures as I completely trash my kitchen in the process!

In most of the corners of the big onion bed we have roses that both Ian and I have pruned.  Well, Ian has pruned most of them, and I’ve hacked one to bits.  I thought when I’d done this ‘rough pruning’ that I’d surely killed the rose, but today there were new shoots on it.New growth from my 'hacked up' rose bush.

Here it is to the left, and you can clearly see the new red shoots beginning to form.  Amazing that even I can hack at something like the complete amateur I am and it still has a go at recovering.

Also showing this morning were the first signs of life from the first bed I cleared and planted up.  I have a couple of photos, but as I can’t remember what went where without looking at the ‘map’, I’ll leave them for another day…

So today, we carried on clearing the bed I’m been telling you about, and we certainly made good progress.  Despite the dock plants, bindweed, dandelions and couch grass seemingly ganging up on us by insisting on growing all together at the same time completely intertwined, we’ve managed to clear right back to the small greenhouse.Part way through today's clearing.

To the right here is Ian in front of the yellow ‘folly’ left by the previous tenant.  Getting rid of this would be a major headache because there was a well-established jasmine plant right in front, growing through some plastic netting in both directions!

Folly?  What folly?!This shot to the left shows the area after we’d carefully cut the jasmine free and gently lifted the rotted wooden posts, yellow gas pipe and other detritus out of the way.

Particularly satisfying was cutting the huge bramble to the right of this structure, directly in front of the little greenhouse.  Even though blackberry stems and roots are fearsomely strong and exceedingly nasty to get caught on, when you show them a pair of sharp secateurs, they’re very easy and oh-so-satisfying to cut through.  Just make sure you’re wearing decent gloves -or even gauntlets.

And long trousers!

All too soon it was home time for the pair of us.  As we can both attest; ‘Hell hath no fury like a hungry cat’!

If the weather behaves itself, there’ll be more tomorrow!




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