Last night, at another EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting), LEAF members voted overwhelmingly in favour of changing our Constitution to one acceptable to The Charity Commission then voted overwhelmingly in favour of us going forward and applying for Charity Registration.

What does this mean for LEAF?

In a nutshell, as our advisor from V.A.S. (Voluntary Action Sheffield), Keith said at the meeting, it will give us a much higher possibility of obtaining funding in these difficult times we now face.  Quite a number of funders will only entertain applications from organisations who are actually charities themselves, so this gives us a much greater chance of getting funding.

It also gives us ‘Street Credibility’.  It is so much easier when possible funders ask you who you are and what you do to reply that, well, we’re a charity set up to help the good people of North Sheffield and beyond improve their diet and health.

Now, don’t expect this ‘overnight’ as there’s a fair amount of form-filling to do, but now we have the consent of our members, we’ll get straight onto it -all with Keith’s expert help.

So, a big ‘Thank you!’ to all our members who made it up to the library last night, and rest assured, we”re pushing ahead with this, so watch this space for details!

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