Today marked LEAF’s first foray into the cinematic world, with a groudbreaking (…pun intended…) short movie (…just over 14 seconds, but there we go…) entitled ‘Charging’.


The plot really is a little weak, and I’m afraid the dialogue too.

In fact, I muted the sound to prevent the viewer with a delicate constitution having to hear the sounds of a harsh whip being liberally applied to the poor cyclist in an effort to get them to cycle faster.  How we suffer for our art.

Seriously, what you can see from this shaky clip is the yellow multimeter on the left measuring current.  The read-out is in Amps.  When the circuit thinks its hit a peak, the red light briefly comes on.  As you can see from the meter readings, they are considerably higher than just the other day -nearly 8 Amps briefly.  This is good.

What’s not quite so good is that the two chopping FET’s did get rather warm.

This is not a problem at all -I’ll just whack more of them in parallel, thereby distributing the current and lowering the heat dissipation.  No problem.

So tonight, I plan to ‘smooth’ out the meter’s erratic measurements by adding a smoothing circuit and also monitoring the current after it has been smoothed.

This smoothing circuit will take the form of a chunky diode, a chunky inductor and an even chunkier electrolytic capacitor, all ‘rescued’ for the seeming dozens of old computer power supplies I have here, all thanks to our good friends at Taplin Computers and their scrap bin.

With this in place -along with another couple of the chopping FET’s, the quest will continue for more current!

More soon.

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