Imagine, if you will, a group of five little boys let out by their parents for the afternoon.

(…These ‘little boys’ are myself, Ian (no relation), Gerry, Gary and Matt…)

And it’s a brilliantly sunny late spring early spring day, with hardly a cloud in the sky.  The snow drops are just starting to show their heads, and the daffodils are full of promise.

And these little boys have been ‘given’ a new toy to play with for the afternoon!

They are all tremendously excited, even though a couple aren’t actually showing it yet -they’re trying to ‘stay cool’, but there is definitely something afoot.

And what is this amazing new toy they have to play with?

Why, ’tis a brand-spanking-new ‘Kelly Kettle‘, Dear Reader!

We’ve been threatening to order one for years, but last week, I took the plunge and ordered one from eBay.  Click on the link above, and you’ll be magically taken, by the power of the InterWebs to their page.P1010058

Well, we found some pretty dry wood and a little kindling, and got it lit -ridiculously easily.

As soon as it was barely going, we whacked the top of it on -already filled with 1.5 litres of fresh water.

The water actually goes in the hole at the top left hand side -not the very top.  Put it in there, and you’ll put the fire out!

The idea is that there is a column running from top to bottom for the smoke to escape from.

It also acts as a chimney, meaning it draws air in through the bottom -the ‘chimney effect’.There she blows!

The photo to the left here is just after it was lit, before the smoke properly cleared away as it got up to temperature.

When you pop the top full of water into the base with the fire in, you have to make sure there is a good seal between the two halves -this is to ensure good airflow.

You can then feed sticks and other pieces of wood through the hole in the top where the smoke is coming out.

This picture to the right is it in full flow.  Things to notice are just how little smoke the thing makes -after the initial cloud, but we also were completely flabbergasted by just how quickly this thing boiled two litres of water.There she blows!

Less than five minutes, and it was threatening to boil out and down the sides!


Note also that you should only put enough wood in for a short burn.  If you over fill it with fuel, when you lift the water from the fire pan, the sticks and twigs tend to fall out all over everywhere.

Also, when lifting it from the fire pan, you should use the handle and the chain with the cork to lift it off, as it gets very hot very quickly.

Oh, and the chain and cork are only for when you’re storing it.  If you try to fill it with water, then firmly put the cork in, you are in effect making yourself a steam bomb!

And the end result of all this fun?

In about five minutes, we had more than a teapot’s-worth of boiling hot water to make our tea.P1010062

And the taste of that tea at the end of it all?


Note only was it full-flavoured and tea-like, but it was free of charge to make!

We’ll certainly be using this very frequently.

In other news, I had a brief ‘wander’ around the top Plot, ostensibly to inspect Gary’s superb digging and weeding, and couldn’t help buy notice that the daffodils and crocii Jon and Pam planted are just starting to shoot.P1010063

A week or so more, and they may be ready to flower.

All further signs that the dreadful winter is about done, and we can look forward to a better summer than last year.

More fun and frolics tomorrow evening after a ‘full’ afternoon’s Plotting…

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