Unfortunately, there was no ‘Plotting’ today -the weather’s been horrid!

It been raining now pretty much constantly for the last three or four days, apart from the odd bright spell when you think, ‘Ah, it’s over!’ only for it to start raining even more heavily within minutes.

Still, we certainly need the water.  With large parts of Britain under threat of drought and with hose pipe bans already in place, I heard yesterday that the forecasters reckon it could rain like this for an entire month and we’d still not get the water-table back to where it should be at this time of year.

Well, I’m all for a bit of rain, but I’m thinking of the stuff I’ve got in the ground -and the stuff that’ll be ready to go out in a few weeks, and I’m thinking of the digging I’ve yet to do, and I’m thinking that a little sunshine would be great!

So today, I’ve been down town and over to Sunny (not!) Hillsborough to see a couple of people I had to see.

When I got back, I started doing jobs I’ve been putting off for ages here at ‘Wardian Towers’.  Jobs like clothes washing, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen; that kind of stuff.

When you live alone, there’s not much motivation to be had when faced with a huge pile of washing up, but an old friend once gave me an invaluable tip:-

Before you start a job that you really don’t want to do, but nonetheless needs doing, put a smile on your face, turn up your music then pretend you enjoy doing what you have to do.  Pretend that its a fun job, and within a matter of minutes, why, it is!

And it works!

Pretty soon, you’re humming along to the music, having a whale of a time!

Of course, a certain member of this household, some would say the main guy around here doesn’t like it when his Dad’s clearing up and making noise and moving stuff from exactly where he wants to sleep.Staying out of Dad's way....

After a ‘tantrum’ (…during which I tried really, really hard not to laugh…), he stalked off to ‘Catch Some Zeds’ on his own.

So, a couple of hours of happy, noisy mayhem, I’d finished.

Time for a cup of tea, I thought.  Time for a quality ‘chill’ moment with my cat.

But my cat was nowhere to be found!

You’d think in a one bedroom flat there wouldn’t be many places to hide, but Alfie knows exactly where he can have some quiet.

I eventually found him here.  Sat on the bedroom windowsill, looking out at all the people struggling up the hill, laden down with shopping bags, fighting the wind to keep their rain hats on and their hoods up.

Ha!  He’d better hope it stops raining tonight, because he’ll be out in it himself!



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