…Hedge cutting!

As I arrive this morning, this greeted me:-Overgrown hedges!

It felt like I’ve spent the last lifetime cutting this hedge.  Just when I thought I was making some progress, I’d look over my right shoulder and see it all laughing at me.  I swear this hedge has got longer, thicker and higher in the time I’ve spent cutting it.

Meanwhile, Ian was working down towards the ‘new’ (…i.e. ‘re-discovered’…) patio area, valiantly digging and weeding.

To the left here you can make out the area he was working on just to the left of the greenhouse.More digging.  More weeding..  Somewhere under all that lot was a patio.  And beds to plant stuff in!

Still, it didn’t really seem like work today.  Working in the sun was glorious!  Of course, I kept pretty much covered up, even though there were no small children or animals around, but when I did take my top off, I could feel that ‘burning’ sensation within a few minutes.


At lunchtime, I went up to the shops for a couple of fishcake butties, and on my return, Ian had cracked open his cool back which was full of…

…A six-pack of BEER!Beer for lunch!

To the right you can see our ‘table’ just as we’d finished lunch.  Six empty bottles of your finest imported ‘Beck’s’.

But Hang On!  You shout.  You’re a ‘dry’ project!

Yes, Dear Reader.  You’re quite correct.  We are a ‘dry’ project.

But today, we weren’t at LEAF!

Yes, yes, yes.  I know.  Nit-picking.

Alcohol-free beer!But hang on.

If you check out this photo to the left -you’ll see it’s just a cut-out and blow-up of the one up to the right, highlighting the actual bottles themselves.

Click on the image.

What do you see written beneath the word ‘Blue’?

Aaaaah.  The  penny drops.   ‘Beck’s’ ‘Blue’ is alcohol-free beer.

And very pleasant it was too.  A bargain from Tesco’s up the road for less than £3.00.  Even better because Ian had bought it last night and it had spent the night in his fridge, and he’d brought it in his ‘ice-bag’ this morning.

So, we happily carried on this afternoon.  Weeding and hedge cutting.Our new 'patio area'.  Still, the results when we left for the evening were pretty pleasing.

To the right here you can see our newly-reclaimed patio area, with our table and chairs already in position.

Direct and unhindered sunshine!

After I’d taken this shot, I swiveled round about 90 degrees clockwise, and was met with this:-Look!  No hedge!

No hedge!  I’d finished that side!

It took me the whole of the day from both sides of it, but it’s finally down to a much more manageable height.  From now on, it should only need a gentle trim every few weeks.  Thankfully!

Oh, and just before we shut up the greenhouse for the afternoon, I couldn’t help but get this shot:-92 degrees and rising...

No, this photo hasn’t been ‘doctored’.  Despite the fact that both the door was open and we have that broken window at the other end and Ian ‘watered’ the floor to try to cool it, it was still over 90 degrees.  No wonder the old fella who loved this land so much had painted the window glass with white emulsion!

Ian is putting in a full day tomorrow, but I have business down in Sunny Hillsborough early in the morning.  I may get up before lunch.

Then afterwards, it’ll be time for a trit-trot up the lane to see how we can help out at LEAF for the afternoon.

More fun.  In the sun.

We like.

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